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An inspirational wish comes true

Cruz Carter was one happy teenager on Friday afternoon as he watched the Steelers practice at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex.

The Steelers grant the wish of a young fan from Jacksonville, AR.

"I have always liked the Steelers," said Carter. "My dad raised us to be Steelers fans. I wanted to come see them here in Pittsburgh."

Carter, who has acute myeloid leukemia, was the guest of the Steelers and Make-A-Wish, and he will also be at Sunday night's game against the Packers at Heinz Field.

"I thought we were just going to go to the game on Sunday," said Carter. "I actually didn't even know for sure if I was going to be able to come this year for the wish. They threw a surprise party for me to tell me I was doing this. It is really exciting to be here."

Carter, who is from Jacksonville, Arkansas, spent time talking with James Conner, who won his battle against leukemia and is an inspiration to Carter.

"When I was in treatment, my dad told me about him while he was in college," said Carter, who played football in high school and said his dream is to play again. "When I saw him playing, I thought I can do that one day, hopefully, God-willing."

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