American Idol auditions at Heinz Field Friday

The next American Idol just might come from Pittsburgh as the hit Fox reality television show will hold auditions at Heinz Field on Friday, July 15.

"Pittsburgh has been thrown around for a few years now. We've always wanted to go to Pittsburgh. The three rivers and the 'Steel-Town feel' is such a great backdrop for the show," said Patrick Lynn, Supervising Producer of American Idol.

Thousands of wannabe Idols will take part in Round One of the auditions beginning on Friday at 8 a.m. To be eligible to take part, contestants must register in advance on July 13 or 14.

The auditions are the highlight during the first few weeks of the American Idol season and the ones held at Heinz Field will be prominently featured. 

"Once again Heinz Field is demonstrating it's more than just a football stadium," said Jim Sacco, Heinz Field Director of Stadium Management. "We are home to the Steelers and Panthers, but we host all major events. For us to be chosen as a city, as a community, and as a venue it's a privilege. Heinz Field is bringing national attention not just to Heinz Field, but to the whole region of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

"I don't know what the economic impact is, but there definitely is one. There aren't only people from the city and county, but people are coming from all over. It's an impact on the hotels, restaurants and shopping. It's a national event we are hosting and it brings national attention to the community."

For more information on the auditions, please visit American Idol Auditions FAQ.

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