Adams' timetable at 6-8 weeks

According to Coach Mike Tomlin, the two stab wounds Mike Adams sustained during an attempted carjacking early Saturday morning on Pittsburgh's South Side will require a couple of weeks of inactivity followed by another four-to-six weeks of rehabilitation before the second-year pro will be able to return to the field.

Adams already has referred to himself as lucky that he wasn't more seriously injured when three men accosted him on June 1 at East Carson and 17th streets and attempted to steal his truck. On Monday, Tomlin used the word, fortunate, while also estimating the time that Adams will need before he can return to football activities as between six-to-eight weeks.

"He's very blessed to be in the position he's in, in that we expect a full recovery from him," said Tomlin. "I visited with him a couple days this weekend. He's got great team support and family support. He realizes, of course, how fortunate that he is. We're just glad that he's going to be OK. We're just taking it day-by-day. They expect a full recovery. Obviously, the next step for him is just getting out of the hospital. We expect that to come within the next 24 hours, and then he'll proceed from there."

Adams was the team's second-round draft pick in 2012, and after starting six games as a rookie because of injuries, he was working with the first-team offense at right tackle so far this offseason. If Adams is able to live up to the six-to-eight week timetable, he would he ready for the start of training camp, which is expected to open in late July.

According to reports, Adams was outside his truck but without his keys when approached by three men, one of whom was armed with a handgun and another with a knife. A valet at a Japanese steakhouse said Adams had left his keys with the restaurant's valet service and did not return to pick them up before the service closed at midnight.

At some point there was an argument, and Adams tried to prevent the three from stealing his vehicle. Then the man with the knife stabbed Adams twice – once in the abdomen and once in the left forearm – and then the three would-be carjackers ran off.

"They've been very supportive, more than anything else," said Tomlin about Adams' Steelers teammates. "We recognize the world we live in. Things like this are capable of happening, not that we accept it. We just understand that it is capable of happening. More than anything, I think it has shown us an opportunity for the team to be supportive of him, and they've done so."

The Steelers currently are in the final week of OTAs, with the final four of the 10 permitted sessions scheduled for Monday-Thursday of this week. Instead of an on-field workout on Monday, the players and coaches all went to Dave & Buster's in what Tomlin refers to as "a team-building exercise." There will be practices Tuesday through Thursday, with the final session expected to be staged at Heinz Field. The Steelers' offseason program then will conclude with a three-day mandatory minicamp on June 11-13.

Tomlin was asked whether such an incident causes him to be concerned about the possibility of something similar happening to other players on the team.

"It goes beyond the team," said Tomlin. "I think as members of this community, we need to recognize that there are some things happening on the South Side that make it a dangerous place, particularly after hours. We all need to take proper precautions. Hopefully, as a community, we will take the steps necessary to assure that this doesn't happen to anyone, whether it's a Pittsburgh Steelers player or not."

Tomlin then answered the football-related questions.

Q. Do you have any thoughts on NT Steve McLendon saying he wants to be a three-down player this season?
A. I don't have Steve or anyone in a box. If he shows that he is capable of helping us through three downs, I will utilize him. Tell him I said that.

Q. When will you sort out the running back situation?
A. When we put clothes (pads) on. Right now, this is an opportunity to teach and help guys grow and develop, put them in a position to compete in a training camp-like setting. I just think that's appropriate. I think the decisions that are made this time of year are usually the wrong ones, because our game is one that is played in pads.

Q. What are your thought about WR Markus Wheaton not being able to participate in minicamp because of the class schedule at Oregon State?
A. We are taking it day-by-day. His report date is June 14. He's going to miss an opportunity to do a majority of things. I'm going to touch base with him at the latter part of this week and make plans in that regard. I haven't done a lot of work in that area because we knew he'd be ineligible to participate. As we get closer to next week, we will get a hard sense of where he is and make the necessary arrangements. Just understand this: in the big scheme of things, (the impact) is going to be minimal. He's going to get plenty of opportunities to show what he is capable of and prepare himself to be a part of our outfit and help us. We've dealt with this in the past, and really in the big scheme of things, it's kind of been a non-issue. It creates some short-term discomfort, but these guys are professionals and are capable of dealing with it.

Q. Have you seen enough of Jarvis Jones to form any first impressions of him?
A. No.

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