Actions speak louder than words

The locker room speech quarterback Ben Roethlisberger delivered at halftime of the Tennessee game resonated to such an extent that defensive end Stephon Tuitt was still raving about it five days later.

But Roethlisberger would just as soon not have to conjure up a repeat performance on Sunday night against Green Bay.

"It's better when you don't have to do one," Roethlisberger said after practice today. "Just like fourth-quarter comebacks, you don't want to have them because it means you stink early."

The Steelers didn't stink early against the Titans, but they weren't happy with their 16-7 halftime advantage.

A second half that included touchdowns on their first three possessions along the way to a 40-17 victory was much more representative of what they'll be after against the Packers and beyond.

And they'd much rather rely on practice habits during their preparation for games, as opposed to inspirational oratory during games the rest of the way.  

"Attention to detail, keep on it," Roethlisberger said. "We do a lot of individual work. We do a lot of team work. Just making sure that everybody's doing the same thing, doing what they're supposed to do, whether that's route depth, reads, breaking in or out, little things like that.

"Attention to detail this time of year is huge."

Offensive coordinator Todd Haley was a big fan of Roethlisberger saying what he had said when he had said it in the Tennessee game.

"He said things that he felt had to be said," Haley offered. "I think it's great. I think any time players are taking ownership and leadership it's a good thing."

But making plays at critical moments are a better thing. And it's play-making much more than speech-making that the Steelers are continuing to hone on a daily basis.

Even on Thanksgiving Day.

"It's about executing on the field and that's what happened," Haley said of the second-half eruption against Tennessee. "There were plays in the first half we didn't make. In the second half we made similar plays or like plays that allowed us to stay on the field or get the football down into an area where we could score points.

"Every day we're out here facilitates our ability to go out and execute. And if there's one thing throughout this year that has maybe held us back from playing better offense, it's the little, detailed things and lack of execution in some of those areas. It hasn't been an entire group malfunction. It's been one guy here and there that needs to execute his job just a little better."

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