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A look at day one of the combine

If you haven't watched previously, it's like nothing you've ever seen.

Each year, it seems, the NFL Network's coverage of the NFL Combine gets bigger, better, more comprehensive and more intense.

The first day of on-field drills was no exception. But in the event you missed any of a scheduled seven-hour broadcast block (9 a.m.-4 p.m.), fear not. Three more such sessions are scheduled, and all four will air repeatedly.

Why wouldn't they? Given the volume of information, insight and analysis available, once is not enough.

A small sampling of what was available from the Day One (offensive linemen, tight ends):

-Predictions:  "I think we have six potential offensive linemen with first-round grades," NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock maintained.

-Evaluations: "Until the quarterback starts dropping back 40 yards, I don't care what the 40-yard dash time is," for offensive linemen, former Ravens head coach Brian Billick assessed. "The No. 1 thing I want to see in those guys is vertical jump. You're talking about big men, hip flex, ankle flex, the ability to bend the knee, the explosion; to me, offensive line, that's the No. 1 drill I want to see."

  • Clarifications: Former Cleveland Browns and New York Football Giants offensive lineman Shaun O'Hara explained the difference between a "football drill" and a "functional drill," such as the Wave Drill for the offensive linemen. "Can you do what we're telling you to do?"

O'Hara reported regarding what the coaches and scouts were trying to determine. "Can you watch the guy in front of you or are you making the same mistakes the other guys are making? Are you paying attention?"

-Revelations: Guest analyst Taylor Lewan, selected 11th overall out of the University of Michigan by the Tennessee Titans last year, characterized himself as "a big, dumb football player." When the NFL Network's Rich Eisen, also a Michigan man, protested, Lewan's response was "general studies major, man."

-Declarations: "I just don't understand what's wrong with playing to the echo of the whistle," the NFL Network's Charles Davis protested. 

-Comparisons: Mayock on the negativity associated with being labeled a "heavy-legged waist-bender," one of his favorite descriptive phrases for potential draftees: "It's bad in a right tackle. It's even worse on a blind date."

Among the nuggets offered up were:

-LSU hasn't had an offensive lineman drafted in the first round since Alan Faneca in 1998 (Steelers).

A look behind the scenes at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

-FSU quarterback Jameis Winston has a "small, what is believed to be a minor back-shoulder issue, nerve-related, that he went and got checked out. The doctors believe it is fine. He has no symptoms. He's not going to need any treatment," according to Ian Rapoport.

-And, Steelers scout Mark Gorscak was Joe Montana's center in high school (an annual Combine acknowledgement; Gorscak supervises the 40-yard dash and was referred to by Mayock as "a classic.").

As if all of that wasn't enough, there are highlights (from NFL games, college games and the Senior Bowl), graphics (the Colts, Chargers, Giants, Bucs, Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals and Rams need offensive linemen, according to and a bottom-of-the-screen crawl spewing even more information (such as a John Elway quote maintaining "we're hoping Peyton comes back.").

Coverage from the interview podium included an admission from Winston: "I know I made mistakes. I know I have a past. I am here to gain the trust of all 32 teams."

Shots of NFL head coaches are also a staple of the coverage. Coaches looking through binoculars from suites, coaches in the stands with stopwatches, coaches conferring with their GMs and coaches generally looking intently focused on the evaluation tasks at hand.

There was even a shot of Bill Belichick.

Spoiler alert: He was wearing a hoodie.  

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