A challenge for Steelers' wide receivers

The Steelers began their film study for Oakland on Wednesday, but it's not going to be easy for the team's wide receivers to prepare for the Raiders corners as injuries have hit them hard there.

The Raiders lost starting left corner Ron Bartell week one against San Diego to a broken shoulder blade, that will keep him sidelined for at least seven weeks. Last week right cornerback Shawntae Spencer sprained his right foot against the Miami Dolphins, missing practice on Wednesday and he could be sidelined this week as well.

"It's hard to talk about them because you don't know who is playing because a lot of guys are hurt," said wide receiver Mike Wallace. "We watched some film, but I don't think it's going to be the same guys we watched on film who are going to be playing in the game.

"You don't know who is playing, who is going to come back. There are different guys. You are watching film but they aren't the guys you are going against."

Pat Lee has stepped into Bartell's spot and Joselio Hanson was inserted when Spencer went down against the Dolphins. On Tuesday the Raiders worked out four cornerbacks, not signing any of them, but did claim cornerback Brandon Ross off the Green Bay Packers practice squad.

"I look at it as a week where you have to be focused and locked in because the guys they are picking up are looking for an opportunity to go out and make some plays," said Wallace. "They are going to have a lot to prove out there so those guys are going to be coming hard and you have to be locked in."

Wallace also said it's important that the Steelers don't let the Raiders 0-2 start fool them.

"We take it one game at a time," said Wallace. "We prepare for it as if they are 2-0. It doesn't matter what their record is. This is the National Football League. They are going to come prepared, they aren't going to give up because they are 0-2.

"It doesn't matter who is playing, who isn't playing. Their backs are against the wall and they are going to come out fighting. You have to play like they are 2-0."

That is a challenge he is ready for. After missing all of training camp he is back into the swing of things.

"I am getting more comfortable," said Wallace. "I have my job down, what I am supposed to do on the plays. I have a good grasp of the offense. I am feeling good."

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