A bonus day to prepare


Televisions in Pittsburgh will be tuned into Monday Night Football tonight and not just because it's tradition, it's because the Steelers opponent this coming week will be playing.

The San Francisco 49ers, who visit Heinz Field this coming Sunday, host the Minnesota Vikings in the second game of the Monday night doubleheader. And Steelers players will be tuned in to get a look at what they have ahead of them.

"I am going to watch the game," said safety Mike Mitchell. "I usually tend to watch the prime time games because I am a fan of football. It will be good to see the team we are playing. Maybe pick up some things you hear from television that you don't see on film.

"I will still do the bulk of my work during the week. I will wait until I get the laptop going to really start breaking them down. But I will be watching."

The Steelers don't have a lot to go on to prepare for the 49ers yet, basically just film from the preseason, so tonight's game will be a film study of sort with live action.

"The biggest thing you can do right now is watch their preseason games, especially their third game, because that is their more realistic game," said linebacker Arthur Moats. "Other than that we are waiting for tonight to watch them. I will have my coffee ready and make sure I am staying up late to watch them."

Without film of their opponent to watch, the Steelers focused on improving their own game during a bonus practice on Monday, working on improving in areas and correcting mistakes.

"It's a chance to focus on ourselves, recover our bodies and make sure we get in the weight room, and prepare ourselves," said receiver Antonio Brown. "Then we come in on Wednesday fresh and focus on the 49ers.

"In each situation we need to find a way to win it. Find a way to capitalize on situations we didn't capitalize on, whether it's third-and-short, third-and-long, in the red zone. All of that."

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