A battle brewing in the AFC North

Browns stingy at home: Sunday will be a battle of two AFC North teams with identical 4-6 records when the Steelers and Browns meet in Cleveland.

"They are in a very similar situation that we are in," said Coach Mike Tomlin. "There is a certain amount of urgency that goes with that."

The Browns are 2-2 in AFC North play, losing to Baltimore and Cincinnati on the road but defeating both teams at home.

"They have been very stingy at home, particularly versus the AFC North," said Tomlin. "They are a tough group to play in their place. They are playing really good defense, and I think defense and home-field advantage is a recipe for solid play."

Cornerback Will Allen has played in his share of Steelers-Browns games and he knows to expect a tough battle this week.

"It's a tremendous challenge going against them," said Allen. "Those guys are playing great defense, their offense is playing pretty consistent, and they are competing in games. The games that they lost they were winning or in it at some point.

"This is a tight race. It's a three-way tie for second in our division. Hopefully we can get another win, get three in a row. It's a tough task. Cleveland is a good team. They always play us hard."

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