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6 things to watch for in Buffalo


What to keep an eye on in preseason game No. 4 against the Bills:

THE REAL WORLD: The Steelers broke training camp prior to Sunday's game against the Packers, which meant they prepared for the Bills in much more of a regular-season setting, especially as that related to what transpired after practice. How will the players respond to no longer having been secluded as a group at St. Vincent College?


SACK STREAK:** James Harrison has sacks in each of his first two preseason games. Can the seemingly-ageless outside linebacker do it again?

PUNT OR BE PUNTED: Mike Tomlin described the battle at punter between Brad Wing and Jordan Berry as "nip and tuck." Eventually, one will be nipped from and one will be tucked onto the roster.

PROPER PLANNING: The Steelers kept it relatively simple in terms of the pass rush against the Packers and wound up with six sacks. Can they up the ante in terms of schematics and avoid tricking themselves rather than the Bills?

VICKSBURG: Will Michael Vick see the field from any vantage point other than the sideline and, if so, what might he begin to reveal as within his wheelhouse as Ben Roethlisberger's potential backup at quarterback?

MORE OF THE SAME: Outside linebackers Jarvis Jones and Bud Dupree each accounted for one of the Steelers' six sacks against the Packers. Will the arrows for both continue pointing up after the Bills game?

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