5 things Mike Mitchell had to say


Safety Mike Mitchell is as happy as the next guy about the Steelers 38-35 win over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. Because in the NFL, especially against a team in the early playoff hunt, wins don't come easy.

But just like his defensive teammates, Mitchell wasn't excited about giving up 35 points to the Raiders. Mitchell talked about that, and a few other topics related to Sunday's win.

On giving up 35 points to the Raiders:
"I think with the high standards that we have here, being the Pittsburgh Steelers, specifically the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, 35 points is too much. We fell well below the line with that. We need to evaluate what happened and find a way to get better."

On the team staying strong despite injuries:
"It comes from the top with our leadership. We don't get rattled easily. We really do adopt that next man up mentality. I think Coach (Mike) Tomlin does a great job at the beginning of every week outlining the issues that we have before us. I think guys follow suit. He stays calm, we stay calm. When they don't panic it trickles down."

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On having more confidence this time around in Landry Jones as the starting quarterback:
"I feel like we were pretty confident with Landry from the get go. We're confident in every guy that gets a helmet. Coach Tomlin stresses that, and I think every guy really buys into that. That is why we have been able to handle the situation of injuries so well. You wouldn't be a Pittsburgh Steeler if you weren't capable and a good football player. We believe in the next man. The fact that you are here, when you get your opportunity show us what you can do. We expect every guy to step in and play well. The standard is the standard."

On if he is happy with his own performance:
"I am a work in progress. I am not necessarily happy. I am just focused. I am trying to help us win as many games as we can and play good football. As long as the coaches are happy with me, I am happy."

On his physical play:
"I have always been known a hitter. It's nothing new. I am just getting attention now because I had a year off of not doing it as much last year. People are just starting to see it now after not having as many hits last year."  

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