5 reasons to like Jordan Zumwalt

Why you should be excited about Jordan Zumwalt:

  • He started 30 of 50 games played at UCLA at three different positions, middle linebacker, strong-side outside linebacker and weak-side inside linebacker.
  • Although not an edge rusher, he's considered to be a player who drops well in coverage and tackles well.
  • Scouting reports projected Zumwalt as a solid, four-special teams player in the NFL.
  • His transition to the NFL could potentially be aided by having played in college in what Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler described as "a very similar defense to what we play here." Zumwalt's defensive coordinator at UCLA, Lou Spanos, is a former Steelers defensive assistant. "The nomenclature, a lot of it is the same so it's probably going to be a pretty easy transition," Butler added.
  • Zumwalt will "create competition at the inside linebacker position,"  in Butler's estimation.
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