4 things to hear about Sean Davis

Safety first: The Steelers stuck with defense in the second round of the NFL Draft, taking Maryland safety Sean Davis with the 58th pick overall. Davis primarily played safety at Maryland, but switched to corner when they went from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense. His primary focus with the Steelers, though will be safety.

"A very productive player in two positions," said secondary coach Carnell Lake. "He has been very productive in the tackling department; has a good eye for playing the ball in the passing game. He is going to provide us with a lot of versatility and depth at a needed position for us and I think he will do an outstanding job there."

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Dual threat:** Knowing both positions is something that is definitely an advantage for Davis, giving him versatility and a better overall understanding of the secondary.

"Just knowing what both defensive backs have to do, what they are in charge of, what the certain stresses are of the defense," said Davis. "It helped me look at different formations, see different things from different views. It helped my football IQ."

  • In the mix: Davis brings a mix of size and strength with him, a player with the ability to cover a big tight end or play against the run.

"I'm as big as a safety, strong as a linebacker, but quick and fast as a corner," said Davis. "I feel like the game has changed with the crazy, athletic tight ends. I feel like I can cover those guys as well as fit into the run game. I am happy to be a part of the team."

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Dad's team:** He isn't the only one who is happy he is a part of the Steelers. His father, Sean Davis, Sr. is a Steelers fan who couldn't be happier with where his son is headed.

"My dad loves the Steelers," said Davis. "It's awesome. I couldn't hope for anything better. It's perfect. He loves Coach (Mike) Tomlin and something about black and yellow. He always saw me as a Steeler. He might be happier than me. I know deep down inside he is going crazy."

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