4 things DeAngelo said about his teammates


Running back DeAngelo Williams, who got praise from his teammates for his performance against the Patriots, talks about his Steelers teammates.

On quarterback Ben Roethlisberger:
"I think the work speaks for itself. How he works, his knowledge of the offense, being able to go in for one play and check to our whole offense that is in the game plan is something that I think is amazing all in itself. His rolodex in his head is unbelievable."


On wide receiver Antonio Brown and if what he sees from the Pro Bowl receiver is what he expected:**
"He is more than I expected him to be. A lot of the guys here are. When you are on one team and you have been on that team for a long period of time, you don't get an opportunity to watch other offenses. You spend more time looking at their defense. I didn't know much about a lot of the playmakers they had here. I did know a little bit about Ben. To have an opportunity to be in this offense and mix it up with our playmakers is unbelievable. You find out their work ethic is undeniably good."

On getting to know his new teammates in general:
"Just hanging out with them, getting to know them, messing with them, joking with them is the fun part. It's a really easy room. From this locker room to any other locker room, we have the same struggles and ambitions. We have fun here."

On who he likes to joke, have fun with:
"Deebo (James Harrison). Short fuse, really fun. He gets that aggressive talk going and I am just like, okay, all right."

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