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4 new faces competing at receiver


The Steelers wide receiver group has taken on a revamped look this offseason, and Coach Richard Mann has had almost a month to get a good look at some of the new talent the team has.

Mann weighed in on some of the additions to the Steelers rosters, including a few veteran free agents and rookie draft picks and how they are progressing.

  1. On the addition of Lance Moore to the offense:
    "What he can do, and from what I've seen so far, he can probably fill that void that we had with losing Jerricho Cotchery. We have a couple of other guys that we are looking at. We might have to jerry-rig a few things to get the blocking aspect of it. But as far as the passing game, I think we are going to be fine."
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On what Darrius Heyward-Bey can bring to the offense:"**What we are doing with him is just trying to get his confidence up. He has speed. He has talent. The key to it is doing these OTAs and minicamp. We will teach him what to do, and hopefully we will put him in a position to succeed with his speed and smartness, and we will take advantage of what he does best."

  1. On what kind of weapon Martavis Bryant can be:
    "He's a big guy. He is different from what we've had, as far as his length. We feel like with the addition of him, we can utilize his talents in the red zone. He has a big reach. He has good speed. So we can use him in various ways, as far as clearing things out. He is a deep threat. He does have the speed."
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On what having Dri Archer as a multiple threat is going to mean to the offense:
"We feel like he can be our ace in the hole, or the joker, since we can use him in various positions. We can move him around. We can utilize his running ability as a running back and his receiving skills. I think it's up to Coach (Todd) Haley and the offensive staff to put him in places where he can succeed. I think he's going to be a weapon for us."

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