3 takes on Javon Hargrave


Getting his man:** Steelers assistant head coach/defensive line coach John Mitchell had his sights set on South Carolina State defensive tackle Javon Hargrave and got his man in the third round. Mitchell saw tape of him, then went to South Carolina State to work him out personally after being pleased with what he saw.

"He had a great workout," said Mitchell. "I liked what I heard from him. I talked to the people there at South Carolina State. He is a high quality young man. They feel like he is one of the best football players to come there is a long time. They have had some great football players who came from there, including Donnie Shell who played here. He is going to help us. I like him. I am eager to work with him."

  • Every down player: One of the things Mitchell loves about Hargrave is his ability to be an every down player, giving them better rotation on the line and allowing guys like Cam Heyward and Stephon Tuitt to have a breather.

"This guy is a first, second and third down player," said Mitchell. "The things that we do, where we can put him, he can help us. When we play in our base defense, and we can control that, he is going to be over the 6-4 guard and the speed he has and the quickness he has getting off the ball, he is going to be a big addition for us. He will give us a new dimension for a big guy in our sub package."

  • Small school, so what: Hargrave comes from a smaller school in South Carolina State, but that had no impact on the way that he played.

"He played up to his ability," said Mitchell. "He didn't play down to the talent he faced. That is the problem you have with a lot of guys that come from small schools. They didn't dominate the league that they are in and you worry about are they very competitive. He was competitive week in and week out. What I saw on tape, I like the way he played week in and week out."

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