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3 takes from Tuitt

  • Don't stay the same: The Steelers came close to their goal this year, making it to the AFC Championship game, but not close enough. Winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal, and working toward that goal won't stop any time soon.

"You can't stay the same," said Tuitt. "You have to get better. For me to grow, I know I can be a spectacular player by doing that, just going back and looking at things and deciding what type of player I am. No matter how much talent I do have, how can I help my team get over the edge and help us get to the Super Bowl? That is my goal this offseason. What can I do to help us get there?"   

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Helping hand:** When Cameron Heyward was placed on the reserve/injured list in mid-November after suffering a torn pectoral muscle, he had two options. Option one, he could stay away from the team as it's often tough to be around when you aren't playing. Option two, he could be there, in the locker room, the meeting room and on the sidelines, helping his teammates every step of the way. He choose option two, and Tuitt is thankful as it made a world of difference.

"It was big. It showed the type of character guy he is," said Tuitt. "It showed his dedication to the team, to football. We all look up to him. He is our leader in the defensive line room and a leader around the Steelers organization. Him being there and always being involved helped me to grow. Any issues I thought we had, I knew he was a guy I could count on and get some information to help someone out or even myself. When you have a guy like that you don't do anything but grow. The only way you don't grow is if you don't listen, and here everybody listens. It was awesome for him to stay around and be that voice."

  • Creature of habit: Football players have routines they like to stick to, and Tuitt is no different. Tuitt said he likes to go to the same place to eat, orders the same thing and is just that type of guy. And that will be the case this offseason in how he prepares, sticking with what has worked for him and not changing up his workout routine.

"I am going to stay with my routine," said Tuitt. "The only thing I will probably change is I will watch myself more. Get tapes of myself and figure out what was successful and what wasn't and from that standpoint, grow from there."

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