3 takes from Timmons

  • Setting an example: Ryan Shazier, who said the Steelers are "always going to blitz," in a story earlier this week, remembers when he was the young Steelers linebacker, looking for guidance from veterans on the defense. Now Timmons is in his 10th season with the team, and the player many young guys look to for guidance now.

Timmons welcomes that role, and shares with the players anything he can, just like others did for him.

"A lot of guys don't know football is a mental game too," said Timmons. "All of us are physically talented. I tell them to work on that standpoint too. You will separate yourself from the rest. I always try to be a teacher and help guys out.

"William Gay really helped me out. Troy (Polamalu). All of the older guys. I was blessed to be a part of those guys. They are all legends today. Just being a part of that showed me the way.

"It's different because I am considered older now and I don't think I like it. I am still trying to get used to it. I just like to show by example with guys. A lot people talk. I want them to know they can go to me because of the way I express myself."

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Staying fresh:** Timmons knows that the longer he plays, the more important it is he focuses on his health and taking care of his body.

"A lot of wear and tear is tough," said Timmons. "It's a day-to-day deal. It's also a lifestyle. It's one I love doing. I feel like I go harder and achieve more because it's something I love doing.

"I let my body speak to me. If my body is sore, I get in the hot tub, get a massage. Certain things I eat. During the season I try to watch what I eat. I try to be healthy from that standpoint."

  • It all starts now: Timmons is well into his offseason regime, and said that it's this time of year that is key in getting ready for the rigors of the season.

"I feel like right now I am getting a foundation, getting my body back to tip top shape, getting my muscles back, getting muscle memory back," said Timmons. "Things of that nature is what helps you to get better in this game."

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