3 takes from Roger Goodell

  • Calling foul: Personal fouls were a hot topic during the 2015 season, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he would like to take a stronger stand on players who receive two personal foul penalties in one game. Goodell indicated he is going to propose to the competition committee and ownership that players are ejected if they receive two personal fouls in one game.

"I believe the league should pursue a policy where if there are two personal fouls in a game there is an automatic ejection of the player," said Goodell. "I believe that is consistent with what we believe are the safety issues, but also believe it's consistent with what are the standards of sportsmanship that we have emphasized. We should take it out of the hands of the officials when it gets to that point. They will have to throw the flag, but when they do we will look to see if we can reach an agreement on the conditions of which they can be ejected."

  • Expanding the market: The NFL is continuing to expand its international focus, with Mexico being one of the next stops for the league's International Series. The Oakland Raiders will host the Houston Texans on Monday, Nov. 21 in Mexico City, the first-ever Monday Night Football game played outside of the United States.

"We are coming back to Mexico next season," said Goodell. "We are excited. We are very excited about being back. We have a tremendous fan following down in Mexico. We believe it will be a tremendous success. We are excited about being there."

Looking at the Pro Bowl: Ratings were down this year for the Pro Bowl, along with the number of players who were voted in actually playing in the game. Goodell was asked if he believes the Pro Bowl will continue in its current format, or become more of just an honor in name without the game.

"I was disappointed in what I saw on Sunday," said Goodell. "I had raised this issue three or four years ago. We worked with a number of players to make changes to the game. They had a positive impact, at least in the short term. I didn't see that this past week. I think we want to talk to more players, coaches and personnel about it.

"I think it's important to have a stage in which you celebrate our great players, what they can do on and off the field. We may have to think about that differently than we have in the past. If it's not quality, if it's not competition we can be proud of, we have to do something different. That is my number one priority right now. It's not the kind of game we want to continue to have in its current format based on what we saw last week."

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