3 agree, turnovers make a difference


The Steelers were tied for first in the NFL in the giveaway/takeaway category going into last week's game against the Chiefs with a plus six differential. But three turnovers against the Chiefs showed how costly turnovers can be in the 23-13 loss, and how important it is to create turnovers, something that didn't happen. Wide receiver Antonio Brown

The best photos of WR Antonio Brown from the 2015 season.

"If we protect the ball, we increase our chances to win. It's hard to win the game on the road when you turn the ball over. Getting Ben (Roethlisberger) back, that is going to be a key. We know what he is capable of from a physical and mental standpoint. He is a difference maker. It's always great when he is out there."

Cornerback Antwon Blake
"When you are winning the turnover ratio battle, you usually win. When you are losing it, you usually lose. That's definitely how it plays out. We didn't win the turnover battle and ultimately didn't win the game. That always seems to holds true."

Guard Ramon Foster
"When you have good drives and yardage and stuff like that, one of the things you have to do is take care of the ball. We didn't do that. It wasn't just one person. It was all the way around. On the road that is a big determining factor of wins and losses."

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