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10 Questions with Ramon Foster

How important was it to open the season with a win over the Browns, especially an AFC North game?
It was very important, a divisional game, a home game. And just trying to right everything we didn't do right last year, going 0-4 early. Our goal is to continue to get better.**

Have you ever been in a game where it literally was a tale of two halves?**

Yeah, I have. That is the thing about playing here. Teams are always going to give us their best. Our job is to continue to fight and come out on top. We have been in those situations before and having a quarterback like Ben (Roethlisberger) who can make plays is great, and he called something on Sunday that made it happen for us.What's the key to avoid that type of scenario moving forward?

You just have to crush their momentum. It was a tale of two halves and every team has a run, whether it's a quarter or two quarters in a game. Our goal is if they get going to shut it down fast.You've had a short week to prepare for the Ravens, is that a challenge physically and mentally?

It is physically. You have to get your body right fast. You have to switch gears on to the team you are playing against and we are on the road too. It's*not necessarily a mental challenge. It's just making sure you are fully prepared. If you are on top of that the game will be the same.This week it's the Ravens. Talk about the rivalry?*

It's big. It's always 'that' type of game. To describe 'that' type of game, it's something that is won by three points or less every time we play them. It's going to come down to the last second more than likely.What is the battle like, is it one of the most physical games you are going to play?

They are one of those really good teams in the NFL and we strive to be that every year too. It's always going to be a tough fight against them.


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Will there be battles in the trenches?**
Always. That's where it starts. They are trying to get after Ben and our guys are trying to get after (Joe) Flacco. That is going to be one of the biggest determining factors, control the run game and protect the quarterback.

You know that crowd is going to be electric, how important is it to get an early lead to hopefully quiet them some?
We have to start fast, get the crowd out of it, score some points and execute the drives. They are going to throw everything at us. They are going to have crowd noise. They might even have Ray Lewis come back. It's going to be that type of thing where we have to take control ourselves.Starting the season out with two AFC North games – that kind of puts the pressure on you guys right from the get-go doesn't it?

I think it's good. It's a chance for you to establish yourself in the AFC North. If you are able to get two victories, that puts you in not a comfortable place, but a good place. That is the goal to be on top in those two games.Is it a good feeling to have a 100-yard rusher first game of the season, with Le'Veon Bell rushing for 109 against the Browns?

Hopefully we can get him over 1,500 or more. That is the goal. This is just the start. Le'Veon and LeGarrette (Blount) are both really good running backs. Our goal is to make the holes for them and let them do what they were brought here for.

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