10 Questions with David DeCastro

You have been in the league three years now and have seen what the AFC North battles are like. Is it the most physical football you've played?
I am always way sorer after AFC North games. I don't know what it is, but it just happens that way.

What's it like to have the division so competitive, where every team has been in the playoff hunt?
It's been good teams playing good football. That's what makes it fun. You are competing intensely out there and that's what makes it fun.


The top photos of Guard David DeCastro throughout 2014 season.

The offensive line is such a tight group off the field, how does that help you guys on the field?** You have to be close at the offensive line position. We go through a lot. We take the brunt of the criticism and don't get much glory. We are okay with that, but that's why we are so close with each other. We keep it loose, joke around with each other, and keep the atmosphere fun. We focus at the same time. That's what we do.How much do you guys push, motivate, and encourage each other?

We do that naturally. We have a good group of guys who are competitors and when they see someone else doing something well, they want to be in there doing something. They want to make sure they are adding something to the group. That is a great formula when you have a bunch of guys working for one goal and everyone pushing each other.

The line has remained a consistent five for the majority of the season. How much does that help?
It makes a big difference, it really does, especially having Maurkice Pouncey in the middle. It's been great. At our position there are little things and the more and more you play with people the easier it becomes.Le'Veon Bell is having an amazing season, and it can't happen without the blocking. What's it like blocking for a back like him?

He is one of those backs that even if you are not 100 percent on your block, he will make you look right. It's been great blocking for him and hopefully he can keep it going. As an offensive line, it's great when you get your block and you see the running back shooting out and running down field.What makes him the back that he is?

He is smart, he is patient, and he's got good vision. A lot of things you can't teach. He has all of those.

Talk about the season Ben Roethlisberger is having?
I wouldn't expect anything less from him. It doesn't even surprise me what he is doing. That is what you expect from Ben.As a line how much does that success fire you guys up?

You love seeing him do well and celebrating with him when he throws a nice pass or gets a nice long ball to someone for a touchdown. It's fun. That's why you play the game.You personally, now in your third season are you settled in?

The game has slowed down a lot. There are no more surprises. You have seen it all and you are just working to get better.

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