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Your Pittsburgh Steelers are in the Playoffs! Steelers Pick & Win gives you a chance to show off your Steelers prediction and trivia skills. Participate each week during our playoff run to win Steelers autographed items and Pro Shop gift cards!

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2021 Weekly Pick and Win Winners

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WeekWinner (Pts.)
Week 1Taisha W. (24 pts.)
Week 2Reed B. (24 pts.)
Week 3Kim G. (22 pts.)
Week 4Dean C. (26 pts.)
Week 5Sandra D. (22 pts.)
Week 6Darren D. (32 pts.)
Week 8Darrell D. (8 pts.)
Week 9Edward E. (20 pts.)
Week 10Donald B. & Brian E. (30 pts.)
Week 11Roberta S. (17 pts.)
Week 12Reed B. (18 pts.)
Week 13Robert B. (29 pts.)
Week 14Sandra D. (20 pts.)
Week 15Brian L. (23 pts.)
Week 16Edwin S. (27 pts.)
Week 17Holly G. (22 pts.)
Week 18James R. (24 pts.)
Regular Season WinnerDarren D. (321 pts.)
Wild Card RoundMichael S. (27 pts.)