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Updates for fans in the Steelers Official Mobile App

What happened to Steelers Nation Unite and
Everything that fans enjoyed about being part of Steelers Nation Unite is now available right in the Steelers Mobile App, including chances to win trips to games, score on-field experiences, interact live with players and Legends, enjoy exclusive fan content and receive special merchandise offers. You will see that many of the features you enjoyed with Steelers Nation Unite are now right in the app, with opportunities for fans everywhere to connect.

How do I get rewarded now with offers, experiences, etc.?
The best and easiest way for fans to get rewarded is by downloading or updating the Steelers Official Mobile App and filling out a fan profile, which takes only seconds. That will open fans to a complete experience, filled with rewards, sweepstakes, new content, games, and more.

Can I still earn yards?
With the Steelers Mobile App providing a total fan experience, fans no longer need to earn yards. We do know that fans enjoy competing with one another, though, and they will still have those opportunities with things to come, like free-to-play games where fans can compete and win prizes.

What happened to my Steelers Pro Shop benefits that I received as a Steelers Nation Unite member?
Fans will still receive offers throughout the year that will be delivered to them in the Steelers Mobile App. These types of offers will be available to fans who fill out their profile.

Where can I view fan stories and fan content?
All of the fan features, fan-player interviews, and live streaming events where fans can connect with current players and Steelers Legends will still be available in the Steelers Official Mobile App.

Where can I find opportunities to win prizes, get rewarded, etc.?
Fans can navigate to the "Steelers Nation Unite" tab within the app to find the latest sweepstakes, fan content, information on events, and more. The Steelers Mobile App is a fan's one-stop-shop for everything related to the Steelers and being a Steelers fan.

Can I still RSVP and Check In for games and events?
Yes, fans will still be able to RSVP and check-in for home games, as well as RSVP for events. RSVP and Check In are ways that fans can get themselves entered to win exclusive experiences and rewards. Check In and RSVP will be available exclusively through the Steelers Mobile App to fans who have completed their profile. Fans should also make sure they have turned on Notifications and enabled Location Settings to ensure they can Check In at Heinz Field on game days.

I was a member of Steelers Nation Unite, will my profile be transferred to the Steelers mobile app?
All fans will need to create a new profile within the Steelers Mobile App. 

Why didn't you keep all of my profile information from Steelers Nation Unite?
To bring you the best possible experience, we want to make sure all of your information is up-to-date with your new fan profile.

Will my fan profile change each season? Will any benefits expire like they did at the end of each Steelers Nation Unite season?
Fans who create a profile in the Steelers Mobile App will not have to worry about rewards expiring as they did with Steelers Nation Unite at the end of each season. Rewards, offers, and experiences will come and go throughout the season, so it is important that fans pay attention to things like how long an offer may be valid for and to look for app notifications and messages that alert fans to upcoming opportunities.

I don't have the mobile app or a smartphone. Can I still participate?
There will still be opportunities for fans to get rewarded at games and events who do not have or do not use the mobile app on However, to take full advantage of your fan benefits, fans are encouraged to use the Steelers Mobile App to create a fan profile and connect.