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SNU Huddle | Pittsburgh Steelers -


Steelers Nation, The Huddle is your way to unlock access to Steelers players, legends, coaches, and front office personnel LIVE throughout the year.

Ways to participate in the Huddle:

  • Dial In: When the Huddle is scheduled to start, please dial-in to 833-998-1732. You will then be prompted during the call to submit your question for the chance to ask it LIVE.
  • Steelers Mobile App: Create a fan profile and turn on your SNU notifications in the Settings section of the mobile app. You will receive reminders for all upcoming Huddles. To access the Huddle within the app, go to the SNU Huddle Card in the SNU section, log into your fan profile if not already, enter the Huddle App experience once it is live, and listen to the event to submit questions via the form field on the page! 
  • Get Called by the Pittsburgh Steelers: Provide your name, email, and phone number to receive a call regarding the upcoming Huddle. Subscribe here >>>

Download the Mobile App:
Steelers Nation Unite – where our fans are represented, whether you're coming to the game or waving your Terrible Towel at home, we all bleed Black & Gold.

Declare yourself as a part of Steelers Nation and download the mobile app!