SNU Huddle | Pittsburgh Steelers -

Super Bowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes will take questions from Steelers fans in a Steelers Nation Unite Huddle, starting at noon on Wednesday, October 16.
You can watch this latest edition of “The Huddle” exclusively in the Steelers Official Mobile App for free. Simply download the app and log in or create an app profile to access the event. At noon on Wednesday, visit the SNU section under the ‘More’ menu in the main navigation of the app and tap on “The Huddle” card.
Do you want to ask Santonio a question? Simply tweet @SteelersUnite using the hashtag #SNUHuddle.
Do you want a reminder that this event is going to occur? Visit the ‘Settings’ page under the ‘More’ menu in the app and toggle on the ‘Steelers Nation Unite’ notification category to receive alerts.