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The Steelers will be hosting a 50/50 raffle at all home games this season to benefit local charities.

There will be 50/50 raffle kiosks and personnel moving throughout the stadium selling tickets at various locations around the stadium. 50/50 Raffle ticket prices are:

• 3 for $5
• 10 for $10
• 40 for $20

Raffle tickets are available for purchase when the gates open (2 hours before kickoff) until the end of the 3rd quarter.

One fan will take home 50 percent of the game's collection while the remainder of the proceeds will benefit selected charities. In addition, the Steelers will provide support through the 50/50 raffles to the team's charitable partners during the season.

The winning ticket will be announced during the game and the winners' list will be posted below after the game. The winner does not need to be present to claim the prize.

Note: 50/50 will still operate as cash-only.

2022 Winning Numbers

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Game/EventWinning Ticket #Winning AmountCharity
8/13/22 Steelers vs. Seahawks#1859515$27,213Steelers Youth Football Fund
8/28/22 Steelers vs. Lions#5886194$27,710The United Way of SW PA
9/18/22 Steelers vs. Patriots#3376650$66,133Art Rooney Scholarship Fund
10/2/22 Steelers vs. Jets#9142095$57,640Steelers Youth Football Fund
10/16/22 Steelers vs. Buccaneers#6392668$63,128Cancer Charities (Crucial Catch)
11/13/22 Steelers vs. Saints#1227653$54,580Chuck Noll Foundation
11/20/22 Steelers vs. Bengals#7377481$38,050Local Military Charities
12/11/22 Steelers vs. Ravens#9148554$50,375The United Way
12/23/22 Steelers vs. Raiders#2586325$17,298Salvation Army and Children’s Hospital
1/8/23 Steelers vs. Browns#9318481$49,360United Way & Greater Pgh Community Food Bank

2021 Winning Numbers

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Game/EventWinning Ticket #Winning AmountCharity
7/30/21 Friday Night Lights#2415092$905Steelers Youth Football Fund
7/31/21 Steelers Fest#1583665$1,873Steelers Youth Football Fund
8/7/21 Training Camp Practice#1704869$1,405Steelers Youth Football Fund
8/8/21 Training Camp Practice#2600064$1,243Steelers Youth Football Fund
8/21/21 Steelers vs. Lions#1563330$19,833United Way of SW PA
9/19/21 Steelers vs. Raiders#2139317$44,843The Arthur J. Rooney Scholarship Fund
9/26/21 Steelers vs. Bengals#6570916$57,078Steelers Youth Football Fund
10/10/21 Steelers vs. Broncos#3496656$54,523UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and the Cancer Caring Center
10/17/21 Steelers vs. Seahawks#7589104$54,273Chuck Noll Foundation and the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion program
11/8/21 Steelers vs. Bears#9863788$59,515Local Military Charities
11/14/21 Steelers vs. Lions#1427728$55,385Steelers Youth Football Fund
12/5/21 Steelers vs. Ravens#1911634$50,775United Way of SW PA
12/19/21 Steelers vs. Titans#5309789$43,398Salvation Army & Children’s Hospital Foundation
1/3/22 Steelers vs. Browns#5876996$44,410United Way & Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank

2019 Winning Numbers

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Game/EventWinning Ticket #Winning AmountCharity
2019 Family Fest449614$6,215Steelers Youth Football Fund
8/9/19 Steelers vs. Buccaneers757940$37,460Steelers Youth Football Fund
8/17/19 Steelers vs. Chiefs275108$53,495United Way
9/15/19 Steelers vs. Seahawks619089$70,895Arthur J. Rooney Scholarship Fund
9/30/19 Steelers vs. Bengals222433$56,278UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program
10/6/19 Steelers vs. Ravens231648$66,985The Susan G Komen/Breast Cancer Awareness Fund- Pittsburgh
10/28/19 Steelers vs. Dolphins432617$57,285Steelers Charities, Youth Football Fund
11/3/19 Steelers vs. Colts208921$62,063Local Military Charities
11/10/19 Steelers vs. Rams918187$70,435United Way of SW PA
12/1/19 Steelers vs. Browns284633$57,225Salvation Army and UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
12/15/19 Steelers vs. Bills376492$47,028Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and the United Way

​2018 Winning Numbers

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Game/EventWinning Ticket #Winning AmountCharity
2018 Family Fest581095$4,135Steelers Youth Football Fund
8/25/18 Steelers vs. Titans543098$22,513Steelers Youth Football Fund
8/30/18 Steelers vs. Panthers423737$17,425The United Way
9/16/18 Steelers vs. Chiefs964256$66,845The Arthur J. Rooney Scholarship Fund
9/30/18 Steelers vs. Ravens654468$63,690Steelers Charities: Medical Research Fund
10/07/2018 Steelers vs. Falcons496789$64,625Susan G. Komen Greater Pennsylvania Foundation and Cancer Research at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center
10/28/2018 Steelers vs. Browns345747$63,837Steelers Youth Football Fund
11/8/2018 Steelers vs. Panthers893394$54,110Local Military Charities
12/2/2018 Steelers vs. Chargers566121$61,312The United Way
12/16/2018 Steelers vs. Patriots823040$59,905Salvation Army and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
12/30/2018 Steelers vs. Bengals650445$47,332Greater Pittsburgh Community Foodbank and the United Way

​2017 Winning Numbers

GameWinning Ticket #Winning AmountCharity
8/20/17 Steelers vs. Falcons356936$23,635Steelers Youth Football Fund
8/26/17 Steelers vs. Colts406937$28,840The United Way
9/17/17 Steelers vs. Vikings574102$74,388Arthur J. Rooney Scholarship Fund
10/8/17 Steelers vs. Jaguars252363$69,273Susan G. Komen® Foundation's Breast Cancer Awareness Programs
10/22/17 Steelers vs. Bengals273392$68,025UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program
11/16/17 Steelers vs. Titans313521$54,875The Pittsburgh Steelers Salute to Service platform
11/26/17 Steelers vs. Packers458941$56,252Steelers Charities Youth Football Fund
12/10/17 Steelers vs. Ravens279829$54,662Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute
12/17/17 Steelers vs. Patriots237560$70,155Wreaths Across America and The United Way
12/31/17 Steelers vs. Browns282183$27,075Children's Hospital and Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank
1/14/18 Steelers vs. Jaguars456004$64,262The United Way