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Worilds: 'The talent is there'

Steelers players were disappointed, frustrated and some of them still searching for answers as to what is causing the inconsistency this season, but on Monday there was confidence that it's something that can be turned around and the approach was positive.

-- Linebacker Jason Worilds weighed in, saying the defense needs to quit giving up big plays such as a 51-yard touchdown reception by Browns' tight end Jordan Cameron.

"One play here or there we can't afford to have," said Worilds. "We have been giving up those plays. It's about alleviating those plays. Two big plays that put them in scoring position or led to putting points on the board, it's a different game."

Worilds does believe the answer to the inconsistency is in the locker room, and talent is not the problem.

"The talent is there," said Worilds. "That is not a question. It's more so about everybody being accountable and consistent. I think for one reason or another we'll have a lapse and those lapses will get you beat."

Worilds said he is anxious to get back on the field Monday night against the Houston Texans at Heinz Field and move forward in a positive manner.

"We want to get that taste out of our mouth," said Worilds.

-- Cornerback Ike Taylor said it's tough for him to sit back and watch while he is recovering from a broken forearm, and that putting together a full performance is what is needed most for this team.

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"When you're inconsistent you play good halves, you play good quarters, but you are up and down," said Taylor. "That's what you don't want to be in the NFL. When we get our consistency back we'll start stacking wins."

Like Worilds, Taylor believes the talent exists to turn things around and improve on the team's 3-3 record and make the playoffs, but again consistency is the key.

"That is what you get when you get consistent," said Taylor of striving for the playoffs. "When you are inconsistent you are going to win one, and lose one."

-- The Steelers struggles in the red zone continued in the 31-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns, with the offense not being able to get the ball into the end zone on three trips inside the 20-yard line. The Steelers settled for a field goal on their first trip in the red zone, but a botched hold on a field goal attempt and an incompletion on fourth down late in the game thwarted the other efforts.

"We need to figure out a way to turn the field goals into touchdowns," said receiver Lance Moore, who scored the Steelers only touchdown on a 26-yard reception. "I think we need to execute better. When we get down there we need to be efficient. We need to make sure we are staying ahead of the chains instead of being behind the chains. We have been down there a bunch of times and have gotten penalized for a bunch of different things.

"There are a number of different variables that play into it but we just have to play better."

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