Williams: 'Outer space is the limit'


LATROBE, Pa. – Running back DeAngelo Williams got his first real taste of being a part of the Steelers offense last week when he played against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but it didn't take an early preseason game for him to know what the offense is capable of.

Williams has seen it from the time he signed with the Steelers this offseason, joining the team after nine years with the Carolina Panthers. Through offseason workouts, OTAs, minicamp, and now into the final week of training camp, Williams knows the potential that exists.

"It's a very exciting offense," said Williams. "I wouldn't even say the sky is the limit. I would have to go beyond that and say outer space is the limit.

"We have so many playmakers all over the field. Everybody is live on every play. When your number is called everybody is excited to do their job and be productive and pick up the yards after catch, run after contact. Everybody is excited to show what they have and that is a great place to be."

Williams is anxious to see what the offense will do once the regular season kicks off Sept. 10 against the New England Patriots, but for now he is happy that he saw his first playing time in black and gold against the Jaguars.

We took to the skies to capture some unique angles of our training camp home.

"I was doing it in practice," said Williams. "Having an opportunity to lace it up. It was good to mix it up because I didn't have an opportunity to play in the first game. To have the opportunity to go out there against another team, not our team that has seen us run our plays day in and day out.

"To get an opportunity to start fresh with another team and them being able to see what I can do out on the field. I knew what I could do, but they want to see it on tape."

So far everyone has liked what they've seen. Even while Williams was talking, tackle Kelvin Beachum chimed in with words of praise for the new addition to the offense. Williams bantered right back with him, taking the energy he brings to the field, off the field as well.  

"I love this game. I love what I do," said Williams. "I tell the guys this game is too serious to be serious all of the time. If bringing the energy is what we need, I will bring that.

"I don't know any other way to play the game but with energy."

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