Wheaton making up for lost time

Rookie Markus Wheaton missed most of the team's offseason program because of rules that prohibit players from participating until their graduating class finishes the semester.

But the Oregon State receiver is making up for it at camp, thanks in large part to having the playbook with him while he wasn't at the workouts and getting some extra tutoring from receivers coach Richard Mann.

"I felt like I was behind, but I picked it up really quickly," said Wheaton. "I had the playbook at home. The plays weren't a problem. It was getting used to the speed of the game."

Wheaton admitted adjusting to going against linebackers and safeties in the NFL is completely different than what he was accustomed to in college. He also said he has to adjust to the speed the ball arrives from the quarterbacks.

"In the slot going against the linebackers, they are much faster than college, safeties as well," said Wheaton. "The ball is in your face as soon as you turn around as opposed to seeing it out of the quarterback's hand."

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