What they said on the first practice in pads

Head Coach Mike Tomlin

Opening Statement:Good start today in our pads. Good energy. Ebb and flow. Wins and losses. That's all part of it. I like the spirit in which they worked. I liked the professionalism in which they worked. As we get into the pads and infuse physicality into this, it's important that we have mutual respect. You can do that while still being competitive. I liked the beginnings of that today. We had a few heat related things. [BJ] Finney wasn't able to finish today because of the heat. A few minor cramps at the very end. I think Vince Williams did [cramp up]. That just comes with these days. We're blessed to have these days. It's good to get out here in somewhat uncomfortable conditions and train. Hopefully we'll have a few more muggy and nasty days to work in. It helps the process.

The defenders' conditioning over here. That's new. Is that your idea? [Keith Butler]'s idea?
We don't care who gets the credit. It's needed. We have a young group, and we're trying to instill hustle and physicality into their mindset. Just talking about it is one thing, but to sink teeth into it, to provide a drill that is symbolic of it in some way is a good part of group development.

Coach John Calipari was here. What's your relationship with him?
I've got a lot of respect for Coach Cal. We bounce ideas off of each other. He's a teacher. He's a great, successful coach. It's great to share lessons and insight with him. He's a good friend of mine.

TE Heath Miller

Re: On how the young tight ends are doing:
All of the young tight ends are working hard and getting the playbook down. I can tell they've been studying and putting the time in. They're here to get better like everyone else, and I appreciate that about them.

Re: On the first day of pads:
The first day of pads is always going to be intense. Everyone has been waiting for this day throughout the spring and summer, and today everyone can show what they can do.

Is having the Le'Veon Bell situation behind you putting the team at ease? Are all of the distractions gone and now everyone can focus?
To be honest, I haven't thought much about it and I'm not sure anyone else has. I know it hasn't been a topic of conversation. We know those things handle themselves and whenever they do, we take it and move forward. I know DeAngelo Williams will be ready to go when he's called upon, and the rest of the running backs will also.

Is this the most explosive offensive you've had since you have been here?
We will see. We haven't played a game yet. Obviously, we have Le'Veon, Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger. That's three good pieces to start with. We just have to work hard during training camp and have everyone on the same page.

RB LeVeon Bell


The news came out yesterday about your suspension?**
Yes, and I am glad that I can finally get it over with. I'm not looking behind me and I know exactly what I have to deal with and move forward.

Does that change your approach in this training camp knowing you're going only to miss two games instead of three?
Not at all. I am going to continue to practice with the team as long as I can, and I am going to continue to try to get better as a player.

What are your thoughts about not seeing Tom Brady's suspension reduced?
I don't want to comment on that too much. Obviously, I don't know what his whole situation is, and I still don't even know the whole details, really. I just want to continue to move forward. Like I said I am excited about it being two games, and I just want to continue to move forward.

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