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What they said after the Hall of Fame Game


Head Coach Mike Tomlin**

Opening Statement:That wasn't the type of performance we were looking for. There were some things we were trying to get done, things that I shared with you guys, that we thought were going to be important for us to play well. Quite frankly, we didn't do it. We had some pre-snap penalties that defeated us. We talked about that the other day. Third-down-and-10 became third-down-and-15. We had delay of games and things of that nature in several instances. We lost the turnover battle. We made ourselves an easy team to beat because of some of those things. We missed some opportunities, including a scoring opportunity in the red zone. We didn't capitalize on it. We turned the ball over. We didn't produce points off of a turnover when we had a short field. There was some shoddy tackling at times. These are not things to be excited about, but they are things that we will own, correct and get ready for our next opportunity, which is right around the corner as we go to Jacksonville. On the injury front, we have a couple of significant or potentially significant ones. Shaun Suisham has a left knee injury. I don't have any more information at this time. We are going to evaluate him. I will get the information to you as soon as we get it. Cameron Stingily has a right knee injury, a possible meniscus, but again, none of those things are definitive at this point. We have to get those guys evaluated. When we do, we will get any information to you. We have some bumps and bruises associated with playing, but I don't think those are significant at this point.

Re: Suisham getting involved in tackles when he doesn't have to:
I hadn't talked to him or seen what transpired in terms of the injury and how it transpired, so I am not going to speculate at this point.


What did you want to see from Landry Jones?**
I just wanted to see a winning performance. We come into these situations to win. In August or not, that's what we are looking for, not only in him but in all of us collectively. He has room for improvement. Obviously some of the game management things, delays of game, we can't have.

Re: Ryan Shazier playing a lot:
He's just a young guy. We had Stephon Tuitt in there as well. We had Antwon Blake in there as well. Just because you might be high up on the depth chart, per se, it is August, and the young guys are going to play. I thought all those young guys that I just mentioned did some really good things in the game. I thought Shazier did some really good things. I thought Tuitt did some really good things. We are going to give those guys extended time, even though they are listed first on the depth chart, because they are young people.

Re: Brandon Boykin getting snaps on the outside and inside:
I don't have a knee-jerk reaction. Obviously it's been a good week for him. It's been a whirlwind for him. I like his approach. I didn't find myself watching him directly, so that's a good sign in terms of what he's doing in getting up to speed.

Did you like what you saw from Dri Archer?
I did. I thought he took a significant step from year one to year two, but like some of those other guys I mentioned, that's what we expect. He did a nice job in the offensive game, passing game, third-down running game, and obviously I thought he did some nice things as a kick returner. It's just the first time out. We will continue to expect him to be a guy on the rise.

Did this feel like a home game?
It was a nice atmosphere, one that we respect. Obviously with Jerome Bettis being enshrined in the Hall of Fame, we expected Steelers Nation to do what they do. We don't take it for granted, but we've come to expect it.

Re: Bud Dupree:
I thought he logged a lot of snaps. Again, I wasn't watching him with direct eyes. I guess that speaks to the level of comfort I have with him, at least in terms of knowing what to do. We will evaluate him properly in the film room. I will have something further in that regard next time we all get together.

Re: Jesse James and him having a tough game and what you say to him:
Knuckle up. This is Sunday ball. This is not Saturday ball. That's what I say to him.

Re: Kenzel Doe:
Obviously he did some nice things when given an opportunity, but not a lot. We will expect to see more from him as we continue.

Did you have a chance to talk to Bettis?
Yes. That's between him and me.

QB Landry Jones

Re: Overall performance:
It's hard to look back at it without watching the film. There were good things and bad things. I'm interested to see what it looks like on tape. I will learn from it. Obviously it wasn't good enough to win. That's the ultimate goal. We have to grow from this one and move on.

Re: Playing a lot tonight and not playing since last preseason and if that's good for him:
Yes, absolutely. The first game back, there are always some jitters. After you get hit a couple of times it's just football. You settle into the game. I felt pretty comfortable out there. Like I said, it's early. It's hard to see right now. I have to see what it looks like on tape.

Re: Being comfortable with Dri Archer:
Once their defense started to sink like they did, he is a great option. He picked up a good third-down for us. I stepped up in the pocket and hit him real quick. He played well tonight.

Re: Chances to score tonight:
Yeah, we had some good chances. People are going to drop balls. I missed a couple of passes. That's football. It's the first preseason game. Some of these guys have never played in the NFL. I am sure they are nervous and excited to get out there, too. It's just a part of it. We will grow and learn from it.

Re: Red zone:
We just didn't make plays down there. It's about as simple as you can get it. We just didn't execute in the way we are capable of doing.

LB Bud Dupree

Would you like to play special teams again?
Definitely, because special teams are a big part of the game and they can really help out the team. I can help the team and do my part by being on them.

What do you think you did best tonight?
I think I did well at knowing and following through with my assignments. I wasn't greedy and didn't try to do too much. I also made a point to stay in my lane. As the season progresses, I'll be a part of the team's movement a lot more.

LB Ryan Shazier


The Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Minnesota Vikings to kick off the 2015 preseason in the NFL/Pro Football Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.

It was only one game, but do you feel a difference from your first year to now?**
I definitely feel a difference in just a year. The game has slowed down a lot more for me, and I feel better than ever out there.

Re: Overall game:
We played a good opponent tonight, but we had too many turnovers and penalties. When you have too many of those and you're not forcing enough of them from your opposition, the odds are never in your favor. We just have to check out the film and see what we can do better from here.

Is it important to not make too much out of the outcome of this game?
A game is a game. Every time we play another team, we play to win. However, they beat us and we beat ourselves. We have to move forward and come back better next time.

Re: Jerome Bettis also being inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend:
He deserves all of the accolades and praise that come his way. He was one of Pittsburgh's greatest players and we all enjoyed watching him this weekend.

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