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What the Broncos had to say after the game


Broncos Head Coach Gary KubiakRe: Trend of not playing well in second half:**

As a team, we probably played as good at times as we could tonight and then not so good at times. This is a great football team we played. We needed to do it all night long, and we didn't. Offensively in the second half we didn't make any of the plays we made in the first half. We had some opportunities and didn't get it done. It's very disappointing. That's this business. You better be built for four quarters, not three.What was Brock Osweiler's issue?

It was a shoulder. His shoulder was banged up. It was bruised. I just sent him in early to give him a head start on coming back out. I think he's fine. I think he will be okay.How did Osweiler play?

I thought we needed to be aggressive. You have to make plays to beat a great team like this. We were very aggressive in what we were doing. We made a lot of plays in the first half. We didn't make them in the second half. I don't know if we made any of them. I can think of one or two plays that Emmanuel Sanders made. They had opportunities. We took advantage of every one we had in the first half but probably not any that we had in the second half.Re: Third straight game of not scoring in the second half:

I agree with you. We walked out of the locker room and got a nice first down. After that I think we had four holding calls in the next nine plays. Nobody has a chance when you do that to yourself. It was penalties and lack of execution.Was Osweiler's inexperience showing up in the second half?

I have to go look at the film. I think there were some plays we should have made by a lot of people, not just the quarterback. I think that we executed really well in the first half – where to go, here or there. I just don't think we executed the same way in the second half. Obviously we ran the ball pretty well in the first half. The second half on two of our first three runs, we got holding penalties. Like I said, we hurt ourselves.**

Re: Antonio Brown beating a good Denver secondary:**

I don't know how many catches he had, but it sure looked like he caught a bunch. He's something special. I think we did a pretty good job for the most parting of bending but not breaking and making the right plays. You give that quarterback that many opportunities, sooner or later he is going to make you pay. Obviously he did before it was all said and done.Re: What happened with the Jordan Norwood punt return:

We had some of our offensive lineman, who thought the play was over, and started to jog. They were about 40 or 50 yards behind the ball. They started to jog on the field, which I think they did. They [Steelers] also had guys running on the field, which is evident. Then I've been told that he was out of bounds anyway, so I don't know. I have to go back and look at the play. It was a very smart play by Jordan. I'll see.Re: The Peyton Manning report from this morning:

My mind is focused on the game, but that's sad to hear. I'll tell you what, no way. He's working his tail off to get back on the field. That's what he's doing.Are you tired of those reports?

That's my job.Will Manning be ready to practice?

The expectations are we go back and see where we're at. We had two good days of practice in the last week. We'll start over this week and see where we're at.Re: Leading a division that is now tight in standings:

Kansas City is playing great. They won seven or eight in a row. They're playing exceptionally. We lost two in a row right here. They were really tough games that I thought we should have won, but that's the NFL. The key thing is do you learn from it and get better? I know we can be pretty darn good at any given time. We just need to find some consistency in what we're doing. It's on to Cincinnati and a big challenge next Monday. We'll look forward to that. We have to have a good week.**

Game action as the Steelers hosted the Denver Broncos at Heinz Field.

Re: Defense getting tired in second half:**

I'm sure they did because in the first half offense was four-for-five. In the second half, we just weren't doing anything. So they just kept going back out there, and I'm sure they were worn out. We just couldn't put anything together.Broncos

QB Brock OsweilerAny explanation Brock for what happened? Everything almost went right in the first half and in the second half it just came to a screeching halt. Any explanation now?

Until I see the tape, obviously I won't know what really happened in the second half. Obviously, as an offensive unit, you can feel you weren't moving the ball and you weren't in the rhythm. In the first half, Coach really preached to us all week long. Each individual guy do your job. Do your job and it is going to result in good things. That's what happened in the first half. Until I can see the tape, I won't know what happened in the second half. Obviously it needs to be better, it needs to be fixed and as a group we will get it fixed.Was the injuring affecting you at all in the second half? You went out with a shoulder injury in the first half and then you came back. SO was that affecting you in the second half?

We still don't know what happened to my shoulder. We are doing some x-rays tomorrow to find out. But the shoulder did not affect my playing in the second half.How did it happen Brock? On the jet sweep?

No it was actually a play or two before is when I scrambled. That's one of those things that I keep telling you guys that I keep learning. I'm learning a lot each week and right there was a time for me, I believe it was a first-and-ten if I remember right, to get some yards, slide and get down. This was a football game that we had to win and I was going to give it everything that I had. Sometimes I think there is a place to slide and other times you need to go for yards.When did you know in the second half that things had shifted? You guys scored on four straight possessions in the first half. Was there something different or was there something the Steelers were doing?

Nothing really felt different. We just couldn't get into a rhythm for some reason. I think you have to give credit where credit is due. The Steelers and their coaching staff made some great halftime adjustments. Those guys on the field played a great second half for the Steelers.Re: Emmanuel Sanders:

When you got a guy like Emmanuel Sanders or even like Demaryius Thomas for that matter, those guys want to compete. These guys want the football in their hands when the game is on the line. You know every single play Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas and along with the rest of the guys, those two especially will give it their all every single play. As a quarterback, that's all you can ask for in your receivers.Re: On talking to Emmanuel Sanders and how badly he wanted this win

Absolutely. I can only imagine how bad he is hurting right now. This is obviously where he started in his career and he wanted to come in and get a win. So did the rest of the team. Unfortunately we didn't tonight. Steelers played a heck of a game and there are some things we need to clean up and we will clean up.

Re: On being the third straight game with no points being scored in the second half and what they do at half time
Obviously, not the right things right now. That's something that we're very aware of as an offense. I'm sure we'll spend a lot of time tomorrow in meetings discussing how we can get that fixed and how we can get a fast start in the second half and score some points in the second half because that's something as an offensive unit you have to do. You play 60 minutes not 30 minutes. That is something that we will work on and we will fix.Re: His focus as Peyton Manning's return approaches:

Nothing changes for me. Like I told you guys before, whether I was the backup or now, with the past couple of weeks being the starter, I've always prepared the same exact way. I've always prepared like I was going to play. I've always prepared as if I was the starter.  So for me, nothing changes either way. I'm just going to be the best teammate I can possibly be and at the end of the day do my job in whatever role that is.Re: On the Steelers defense closing in on him faster than he anticipated:

That's something that I'm going to have to evaluate when I watch the tape. The game flies – when you're on the field it's very fast. Those windows close very quickly. Defensive backs are very talented in this league, same with defensive lineman. You think you have some time then before you know it there's some color in your face. So, that's one of those things I'll watch on the tape. I'll probably watch it on the plane back tonight and again in the morning. I think it's a big learning curve for me to decide when to take off, when to throw it down the field, and when it's time to throw it away. That's something that I will learn while watching this tape.Broncos

WR Emmanuel SandersRe: First half:

It felt good to start fast. We have to continue to get better. I do not know what it is but we just have to be a better second half team.Re: Describe team performance in the second half:

I do not know. You can answer that. I do not have the answers to that. All I know is we have to continuously move on. We will get back into the lab starting on Wednesday at practice and try to improve. We have to figure out a way to carry the first half into the second half.

What did it feel like to be back in Pittsburgh?
It felt good, obviously the city of Pittsburgh, the Rooney's, Mike Tomlin they have been so good to me. They drafted me in the third round. I am forever thankful for that. It felt good to be back in front of Steelers Nation waving the towels, but I wish the result would have been better.How is this locker room?

This locker room is not going to split. We are a team and we will go through a lot and be tested. One thing is we still have our goals to reach. We can still make the playoffs, we can still win the Super Bowl. So everything is going to be alright.Broncos

CB Aqib TalibRe: Secondary containing WRs all year until today:

They played good. They made plays in big situations. We needed to tackle better. Kudos to those boys.How much better does Roethlisberger make his receivers?

He's the key. You put another quarterback in there and they are not the same.Re: Feeling at the half:

We felt good at the half. We knew that we would have to do more in the second half and we did not. So we lost it.Broncos CB Chris Harris Jr.

Re: First half versus the second half:

They won the game. Usually when I play bad like this we lose the game. Last week it was the offense and this week it was me, so I have to play better.You are putting the blame on you?

Oh yeah definitely. It was the best versus the best and he won. I have not given up a touchdown in two years. The way I played was very disappointing, and I let my team down. He (Brown) is a good receiver. He's the best receiver in the game right now. I just did not make any plays today.Re: Today's game:

We were supposed to win this game, the offense did enough. They scored enough points in the first half. This is on the defense. We cannot let them come back, I cannot give up two touchdowns in a half. That's on me.

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