What rookies learned from their first game


LATROBE, Pa. – Steelers rookies got their first taste of the NFL on Sunday night against the Minnesota Vikings in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, and this is what they had to say about what they took away from it.

Linebacker Bud Dupree on what he learned about playing in the NFL:"First, how in shape players are. Also how big the assignments are in the league. If you make one mistake, it's hard to make up for.
The speed of the game was established in OTAs, so I got used to that. Assignments were the key."


Wide receiver Sammie Coates: **"You just have to play fast and be in a good position. You just have to play fast. You can't just do it during parts of the game, you have to play fast at all times."

Guard Miles Deiffenbach:**
"Our practices are so high-tempo that we get prepared so well for those games. Everyone is so athletic, strong, how fast the game is moving, you have to be on your Ps and Qs for the games. The snaps are like gold. Being a young player and getting out there and getting snaps against a team like the Vikings was really important."

Linebacker Anthony Chickillo:"Adjusting to the speed of the game was the biggest thing. Pretty much the speed of the game. It was the first time for me doing special teams so I learned a lot from that. It was different playing special teams. You have to know your assignment, know your job, and go hard. It's a fast play, it's chaos, and you have to be focused and locked in."* *

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