What Peter King thinks of the Steelers

LATROBE, Pa. – The Steelers preseason is in full swing, but with many national media having been at the team's training camp, we continue to get their take on expectations for the team during the regular season.

In the second look at what the national media are saying, Peter King from Sports Illustrated Monday Morning Quarterback weighs in on this year's team.Peter King,Sports Illustrated**

On the Steelers defense: "I think one of the biggest things with this team that not enough people talk about is it's year two of the new defense. I think (defensive coordinator) Keith Butler really struck a chord with these guys and they ended up really liking him, playing hard for him, using the new wrinkles. They incorporated some of Dick LeBeau's defense, but they also used Keith Butler's deal. I think that is important." ** On the running game:
"There is no question if Le'Veon Bell misses time it would hurt, but the best number two running back in football is Le'Veon Bell. If you need DeAngelo Williams to carry the load for four or five weeks, he can and he proved that last year. I view this very much as an arrow pointing up situation."

On the Steelers offense: * *"This team showed last year that even without Bell for part of the time, the depth on offense is good enough to withstand missing pieces. We'll find out. That is one of the things Kevin Colbert has done well, building the depth."

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