What did Garrett Hartley say today?

Garrett Hartley

Take us through the mindset of being a kicker and what you do to stay sharp mentally and physically?
It is not the easiest thing in the world but having that mindset of coming out and knowing that there are going to be opportunities, you just keep training and keep the body in good shape. But at the same time doing other activities to take your mind off of that helps.

What is it like when you are working out with other guys fighting for one spot?
I think we are all built off of pressure, not just kickers but everyone in this league. We don't get to where we are without competition and just having that mindset of, well this could potentially be my job or a life changer. Obviously I know why the door opened up and I wish him [Shaun Suisham] the best during recovery. From what I have heard things went well this morning so that is great. But I know what I am here for, and I just want to help this team win.

How do you feel about kicking at Heinz field?
It was actually my first time kicking there the other day when we were working out. It was a nice little experience. They decided to let us kick by the seats which kept the wind from swirling. People are always saying that I am a dome kicker but I played college in Oklahoma and the wind blows a little bit there too. I am just excited to have an opportunity to be here.


How long is the acclimation period with Greg Warren and just getting on the same page together?**
Yesterday during the workout was the first time and from snap to hold to kick, everything felt pretty good. First team is going to be tonight with me kicking and I'm looking forward to that.

When you saw Shaun go down, did any light go off for you that this could be an opportunity?
I didn't see it happen, and I didn't know about it until the next morning. Obviously it's unfortunate. You never wish someone to get hurt. This was going to be his sixth season here, and what he's been able to accomplish has been remarkable. Hopefully I'll be able to go out there, not let the team down and keep his hopes high during his time of recovery.

Were kickoffs part of the tryout?
There were.

Does that element hold as much weight as field goals?
I'm not sure how much weight it holds. It's really just whatt the coaches want at that time. It's something I've been working on between working with Jamie Kohl and 1-on-1 kicking. I know in New Orleans I didn't have to do it with [punter Thomas] Morstead there. In hindsight it's been able to save my leg a little bit.

How have you had success as a cold weather kicker in the past?
Honestly it's just another game. Staying warm while on the bench is what the heaters and the gear is designed for. I remember a couple of times in college, the Big 12 Championship and with the Saints, playing up north. There's really not a whole lot of difference to it other than making sure your body is warm and loose.

Is there anything else on your agenda if there wasn't a job that opened up?
I have a TV show called "Southern Chaos" on the Sportsman Channel. We just wrapped up filming season two, which is airing now. I've been setting up for life after football in that respect. Other than that I've just been staying on the grind because I knew my journey wasn't over. I've just been believing in myself and having the people that are closest to me believe in me as well. That's been my main support group.

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