What Boykin said after arriving in Latrobe

CB Brandon Boykin Is a fresh start good for you?
Yeah, for sure. I cannot really control what happens. If you would have told me yesterday this is how it was going to be I wouldn't have believed you. But I am here, and I am a guy that is always going to work my hardest and just control what I can control. I know that this is an organization that prides themselves on controlling what you can control, which is your effort, attitude and mental preparation. I feel like I fit right in with that.

What did they tell you here Brandon so far?
I just talked to Coach Tomlin, and he just told me that he was excited for me to be here. I met everybody and they just told me how welcoming the environment was and what their expectations for me are to come in and just play. They got me because they know that I can make plays and they feel like I can help. That is exactly what I am going to do, go out here today and try to get acclimated, and not try to do too much at one time and just enjoy the process.


The Pittsburgh Steelers acquired cornerback Brandon Boykin from the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for a conditional fifth-round selection in the 2016 NFL Draft.

What have you heard about playing for Mike Tomlin and how do you think you will fit in here?**
I have heard nothing but great things. I have a couple former teammates that play here, like Jarvis Jones. I played with him when I was at Georgia. Brad Wing, I played with him a little bit and Alejandro Villanueva in Philadelphia. I saw all the guys today and they told me that it is a great place, a great atmosphere and that you are going to have fun and learn a lot, but we are going to work hard. As a player and as a guy who considers himself a veteran, that's all you want is just a respectable environment, somewhere that you can chill with guys and be able to work towards that common goal of a championship.

Are you a cover-two guy, press corner, zone?
I have played in every scheme. I feel like I am a versatile guy. I feel like that is what I pride myself on, just being able to play everything. Whether it is on special teams, nickel, inside or outside I am going to do whatever they ask me to do and do it with a smile on my face, and that is just kind of how I am.

Re: Joining this team and the tradition. You tweeted out a picture of the Terrible Towel today. How's the feel on the outside of the Steelers' organization and what they have done?
It is respected. I will say that. My first NFL game in Philadelphia was against the Steelers, and I remember being in our stadium and still seeing those towels waving around. That is a vivid memory in my mind. Just knowing that that fan base is big and what it means, and just the to reputation that surrounds it, I am excited to be a part of it because I feel like we share the same mentality.


Do you prefer outside just because more opportunities come to the outside guys?**
Not really, wherever I have an opportunity to play [I'll play]. I have been in the slot my whole career and have made plays there. I feel like once you are on the field it doesn't matter, like you are capable of making plays just like the other ten guys, so it is really up to you to do that.

Do you still feel like you are pretty good with the ball in your hands, like on special teams?
Yeah. I did that throughout all of my career. Last year was the only year that I wasn't doing it. But I definitely feel like that is something I can do if needed. It's still in my arsenal.

Talking about teams?
Yeah, special teams. Whether it is returning or whatever, but like I said whatever they need me to do I am going to be doing it. This atmosphere is awesome. I can already tell that it is really cool and exciting, and it is going to be fun.

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