Warren: 'I have to enjoy this'


LATROBE, Pa. -- The Steelers have been holding their training camp at Saint Vincent College for 50 years, marking the milestone with a ceremony on Sunday.

Long snapper Greg Warren enjoyed the celebration, as he is a rarity on the team being a part of that rich tradition for over a decade. Warren is in his 11th camp with the team this year. Only Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison, both in their 12th Steelers training camp, have been to more of them.

"It's really cool to think about how this place has changed over the years and all that I have gotten to experience and see here," said Warren. "I am honored to be here for the 50th."

Warren isn't one of those players whose stands out the way Roethlisberger and Harrison do and it's understandable why. You normally only hear his name when something goes wrong, when an errant snap sails over a kickers head or goes awry. And in Warren's case, that hasn't happened often. He is a stabling force at a position that doesn't get a lot of attention, but one where a mistake can be costly.

"It's about being very lucky," said Warren of his longevity. "I just put my head down and keep working and hope everything falls into place."

He has seen a lot of players come and go in his 11 years, not just on special teams, but on offense and defense as well. And there will be more this year, as the roster will dwindle in size as the season nears.

"I have been blessed to have a lot of great teammates," said Warren. "It's hard to see guys go, but it's neat to see new ones come in and be a part of it. I feel very blessed I have been able to stay here."

But his consistency has kept him on the roster year after year, fighting off any challengers who have come along.  He gives a lot of credit to those teammates, especially kicker Shaun Suisham and punter Brad Wing, for making things easy on him and likes the fact that the three of them are back together again for the 2015 season.

"A lot of what we do is timing," said Warren. "I don't think a lot of people realize how much timing is involved. We have so much of it and it's good I am on the same page as Shaun and Brad."

While Warren knows he won't be on the team for the next major milestone celebration at training camp, he is hoping to keep coming back for as long as he can, and enjoys every minute of each camp.

"Going into my 11th year I am honored to still be here," said Warren. "It's different than when I was a rookie and thought this is going to be long and tough. Now I am just like I have to enjoy this. You never know how much longer you are going to have. Some guys might dread coming, but I am glad I still can."

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