Ward helps to promote safey for kids

By Teresa Varley

Wide receiver Hines Ward visited Park Elementary School in Munhall to unveil a Pittsburgh "Safety Town" and to help coach a pedestrian safety clinic for the students.
The purpose of the clinic is to help keep kids safe as they walk to and from school each day.
"Anything that has to do with helping kids I like to do," said Ward. "There is a sense of responsibility of giving back to the community. I like having an active role; that is something Jerome (Bettis) always taught me. Any time you can have an impact on kids in the community is a blessing in disguise."
Ward taught kids the importance of using a cross walk, looking both ways before crossing the street and never running out in the street to chase down a ball. The lessons were taught in the school's gym, which was set up like a small city.
It had special meaning for Ward to take part now that his son Jaden is in school.
"It definitely hits home, especially when my son started school and you want to increase the safety of pedestrians for the kids walking to school," said Ward. "It's a great opportunity for me as a parent to re-evaluate my own parenting skills as far as teaching him if a ball goes into the street be cautious, look both ways. It brings you back to reality. It hits close to home for me because I have a son in a lot of the same situations we were teaching the kids." 
FedEx developed the program through a partnership with Safe Kids USA – a national non-profit organization that works to prevent accidental injury among children.
During the 2008 season FedEx will present weekly FedEx NFL Air & Ground Awards, voted on by the fans at NFL.com. FedEx will donate $1,000 in the name of each FedEx Express and FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week to local safety programs in their teams' markets.

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