Ward attends premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises"

Steelers' players and staff will attend the Pittsburgh screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" on Tuesday night, but former wide receiver Hines Ward was among the first to see the movie that was filmed in Pittsburgh when it premiered in New York on Monday night.

"You are there at the premiere, on the black carpet in this instance, with all of the stars of the movie and it was amazing," said Ward, who attended with his son Jaden. "I was there with Coach (Bill) Cowher. It was an honor to be a part of it. Jaden and I had a blast doing it. The movie was great."

Ward was one of over a dozen Steelers players who were used in the filming of "The Dark Knight Rises," the final installment in director Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

"We spent the whole day filming it, but it was only about a 20-second clip," laughed Ward. "You get a newfound respect for what goes into producing a movie. You don't think about the time and money. To shut down a street in Pittsburgh to film a clip, you get a real appreciation for that and the creativity of it for this great movie.

"Leading up to it and the anticipation I was wondering how the football field came into play. Then you see it all play out, with Steelers Nation all there in winter clothes on a hot afternoon in Pittsburgh, it was great."

Ward will be among the guests at the Pittsburgh screening, and knows part of the reason the movie was filmed in Pittsburgh was the efforts of Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull, who is one of the Steelers investors.

"I think Pittsburgh is going to be proud, just to see the city in a great production," said Ward.
"When you watch it you can relate and see it, knowing you have been there, there is Heinz Field, and all of those things and how they implemented Pittsburgh in such a great movie. For all of us to be a part of it was definitely a great honor."

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