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Top 4 takes from Coach Tomlin on Bills

  1. Facing a tough front 7: The Steelers are getting a preview in practice this week of the challenge they will face going against the Buffalo Bills front seven, a strong group which includes defensive linemen Mario Williams and Kyle Williams and linebacker Brandon Spikes. Coach Mike Tomlin knows it's a talented group, and will have his unit prepared for Saturday night's preseason game.

"They have some talented people," said Tomlin. "They have some young talent, they have some seasoned talent in guys like Mario Williams, Kyle Williams who are seasoned, veteran players. They have a good set of linebackers who've really got a good play demeanor and pride themselves on stopping the run. They've been a good dance partner for us here yesterday and hopefully today, but we have to deal with that on Saturday."

  1. Sharing the load: Running backs Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount give the Steelers ground game two major threats, with both of them bringing a little something different to the table. Tomlin said the team will utilize both of them throughout the season, with the exact manner still to be determined.

"They are both going to get their share," said Tomlin. "In terms of anything more detailed than that we will deal with it on a game-by-game basis, based on playing, health of the men and a lot of other variables. We have confidence in both guys; both guys are going to be central reasons why we are successful. That is the plan and I think they are open to that."

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Take a look at photos of the Pittsburgh Steelers practicing with the Buffalo Bills on the 14th day of Training Camp.

Keeping the best 53:** Some of the position battles are heating up with camp at Saint Vincent College winding down, and it's going to mean some tough decision making for Tomlin and his staff. The first mandatory cut doesn't take place until after the third preseason game, so there is still time for further evaluations and to see where the needs are the strongest.

"I am not into the numbers game," said Tomlin. "I am just looking at who are going to be the best 53 for us. I hadn't broken it down positionally. We have a lot of ball in front of us. We have three football games left and we are going to continue to let it play itself out and put guys in position to show what they are capable of."

Steelers' mountain man: You know a player is big when Tomlin refers to him as an 'enormous man,' but rookie defensive lineman Daniel McCullers, 6-7, 352 pounds, is standing out this camp for more than just his size.

"He is progressing," said Tomlin. "He is doing a nice job of working the techniques and getting better from an assignment standpoint. He has a distinguishing characteristic; he is an enormous man and one that is difficult to move. I think day in and day out he is more than that. He likes to play football. He comes to work every day. I like the progress he is making, but he has some progress ahead of him."

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