Tomlin: 'We got some guys back'


Head Coach Mike Tomlin**

Opening Statement:A good day's work today. We focused on some redzone stuff in just about all of our periods whether it was team, team run, or seven-on-seven. It was good to infuse that element of situational football into our work. It's time for that, now that we've been here for about a week or so. Obviously, excelling in that area can define us, whether it's offensively or defensively. We got some guys back. Maurkice Pouncey participated fully today. We've also got a few new injuries. Eli Rogers went down with a right foot sprain of some description. Isaiah Lewis wasn't able to finish with a hamstring. No real updates on any of the guys that have been out. We've got a day off tomorrow, we'll get a good assessment of those guys and be ready to go on Wednesday. Hopefully we'll get some of those short-termers back, but really more than anything get a good assessment of those guys tomorrow.


The Pittsburgh Steelers continue training camp with their sixth straight day of practice in pads.

Can a center actually add swagger to a unit?**
If it's Maurkice Pouncey, certainly. Besides the fact that he's a really good player, he's a good leader and a good communicator. That's a significant component of that position. To create clarity prior to the snap with what he's able to do above the neck, and then obviously his skills after the snap are what they are.

You're depth at the receiver position is getting thin. Is that a concern?
No. The guys that are working are highly conditioned, and [now] have an opportunity to show that level of conditioning. We've talked openly all offseason about the level of physical conditioning needed, not only in terms of allowing you to stay on the field, but to take advantage of the opportunities that this process presents. People are going to miss time, and young guys that want an opportunity to state their case are going to get extra opportunities to do so. More than anything, I focus on that, the opportunity that guys get significant extra reps when people are down. Cameron Stingily is getting an opportunity to show what he's capable of. C.J. [Goodwin] is getting an opportunity to showcase his ability at the receiver position. Sammie Coates is getting extended reps with that first group, and I think that's an element of it. When a guy like Martavis [Bryant] or Markus Wheaton is down, it's a time for those guys not only to get reps, but to get better quality reps in some huddles with some veteran guys. That gives them an opportunity to show what they're capable of.

Is Cam Heyward injured?
No, just giving him a day off like I am a lot of the veteran guys. We're here an extended period of time. One of the benefits of it is that you get to give guys like Cam a day off. More importantly, [it's a chance] to give extended reps to some younger guys, and that's the approach we take. It's not necessarily about giving guys a day off, sometimes it's about the guy I want to see more of.

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