Tomlin's takes heading into the final week of training camp

Head Coach Mike Tomlin

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Opening Statement:Good to get back here and start our last week that we are going to be in Latrobe with good energy and enthusiasm. Really nothing has changed for us. We are going to continue to practice Steelers versus Steelers here at the front part of the week. We are very much in the training camp mentality with competition and so forth. We are going to continue to do similar things but the discussions around the things that were doing are going to change and be more detail oriented. We have been in a couple of stadiums now so we know a couple of the issues, and I want to see guys working to eliminate some of the issues, whether it is above the neck or technical, so it was a good start in that regard today. Got some guys who had been out with injuries that are working back, guys like Mike Mitchell and Robert Golden which is good. One injury to speak of, David Nelson went down with a shoulder injury of some kind, and I don't have a lot of information or know the severity of that yet but we will get him evaluated. This is a big week for him having to acclimate himself and trying to etch out a role so we can take him to the stadium to see what he is capable of. We will evaluate that and proceed accordingly. 

Was it good to see Bruce Gradkowski get back out there?
Yeah. Bruce had been working quite a bit at the end of last week and probably the reason we didn't bring him back last week because it was a short week. No surprise that he is back out there but it is good to have him out there

Is Lawrence Timmons hurt significantly?
I wouldn't tag significant on it. I like Lawrence so I am going to take care of Lawrence.


The Pittsburgh Steelers have entered the home stretch of 2015 Training Camp at Saint Vincent College.

How did Ian Wild do?**
Let me watch the tape first. When you start talking about a guy with no experience there we looked around at the candidates. He was a linebacker in college and was a linebacker in the CFL. He has gotten a lot of reps at safety because of the injuries at that position. As some of those guys come back it is a natural way for him to continue to get reps and show some versatility in that area where the lines are short.

How big of a deal is it for Shamarko Thomas and Mike Mitchell to get reps in camp?
Pretty big.

What do they need to do to develop?
I think that is why we come to camp, to develop cohesion and understanding not only in terms of what we do but those we work with, and so they are no different then anyone else in that regard.

You have a big week with five practices, so how do you handle it?
We just go about our business on a day to day basis. We try to attack the challenges of today and try to leave it as simple as that. When you start looking at the big picture you get distracted, so we just wanted to come out and have a good day today. Our intentions for tomorrow are to do the same.

What growth have you seen from Landry Jones in the past two games and throughout camp?
It has been a steady process but obviously he is not a finished product by any means. I like the general attitude and enthusiasm that he brings to work. He's gotten significant extra work because what has been going on with Bruce. It is safe to say that he has taken advantage of that.

Is Roosevelt Nix doing some things that have caught your eye?
He has done some good things. Probably the most interesting thing that he has been is being productive in the special teams' area. They are all football players first and whatever position they play second. It is good to see a guy with a fullback type of body show some awareness and production in the teams' game.

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