Tomlin's Injury Update: Oct. 29

"James Conner does have a shoulder injury. It is in the process of being evaluated right now as we speak, so I don't have a lot of information. One this is for sure: It's going to limit him, surely, in the early portions of the week. James has played enough ball, and I'm starting to get comfortable with him so maybe it doesn't require a complete week of work in an effort for him to play, like it does for some younger players. So we'll play it by ear, check his availability (for practice) on a day to day basis and let that be our guide in terms of his availability (for the game).

"Ramon Foster is in the concussion protocol. That's a mystical place from my standpoint, and so when they tell me he's back, he's back. Until then we'll make other plans accordingly. I like the work of B.J. Finney in his absence.

Dan McCullers had a minor ankle (injury). It may limit him some in the beginning of the week, and we'll see where that takes us.

Maurkice Pouncey had a calf (injury). Same thing. Benny Snell had a knee (injury) that didn't allow him to finish the game, and that's being evaluated as we speak. It may limit him, and he's the type of guy who if he's limited, because of youth and inexperience, it may affect his availability (for the game).

So we'll see where the week leads us with two running backs kind of being treated in some form or fashion. Jaylen Samuels' availability is right on time. Jaylen really got a clean bill of health at the end of last week and was available to us, but because of his lack of work and the work of the others we chose not to play him. He'll be ready to go in this football game.

We like the growth and development of Trey Edmunds since we brought him up from the practice squad. He has been a consistent contributor on special teams for us. He had a couple of tackles for us (against the Dolphins), and we're not afraid to utilize him as a runner. So we'll do what's necessary at the running back position to fortify our depth. One thing we know is that people aren't concerned about our problems, they're glad we have them.

Ulysees Gilbert had some lower back spasms in the latter part of the week that made him inactive vs. the Dolphins, and we'll see where that leads us also.

When asked whether he believes he has enough running backs on the roster and/or practice squad, what with Conner and Snell on his initial injury report, Tomlin said, "We'll see. I'm not ready to acknowledge they're going to miss (the upcoming game) as of yet. And that's generally how we operate – we're not a big hypothetical group. We take a set of circumstances and variables based on known information and then we adjust accordingly."

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