Tomlin on Harrison suspension

Coach Mike Tomlin opened his press conference addressing linebacker James Harrison's one game suspension from the NFL for his hit on Browns quarterback Colt McCoy.

The following is Tomlin's opening comment:

"I'll start by discussing the suspension of James Harrison.

"We received word from the league office this morning that he will receive a one game suspension. We'll accept that of course. We are disappointed, we are disappointed for James because we know quite frankly how hard he has worked to play within the rules. He has worked extremely hard to adjust his game. Unfortunately the incident happened. Of course it was a penalty. We have to be accountable for that; he has to be accountable for that. We accept the judgment rendered by the league office and we'll move forward. Obviously the parameters are he can't participate in any football activities with us this week. He will be allowed back in the building next Tuesday, the 20th.

"There is an appeals process. I don't know what James' intensions are. At this juncture I would imagine if he is going to do it, it will transpire pretty quickly. From a planning standpoint, from a coach's standpoint, from a team standpoint the information we received this morning we have to prepare that he is not going to play. That is what we are doing.

"We'll move forward from this. It is our intentions and it's always been our intentions to play within the rules. Things happen during the course of play. We'll move forward. James will move forward. It's an appropriate time to do that if you look at what we are facing here this week in terms of the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football on the road."

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