Tomlin: 'His performance has been on a steady incline'

Head Coach Mike Tomlin

Opening Statement: It was a good work day today. We wanted to feature the two-minute again today. We wanted to really focus on the second and third groups of guys who may be executing, whether it's the end of the half or the end of the game on Sunday night in our preseason opener. I wanted to make sure those guys get an opportunity to execute under those scenarios. It was a good work day for the offense. They probably won the flow of it today, such is life. I would probably characterize the defense as the winners yesterday. That's what these days are about. Our guys are continuing to work. We had one injury today to speak of, Vince Williams, a hamstring, and I don't know the severity of that. He's being evaluated. News from yesterday, Robert Golden's injury appears to be not as significant as once thought. His ligaments are in place, which is good news. He will probably be out for this football game but we expect for him to work his way back to us here in a number of days. That's good news. The other bumps and bruises associated with camp are what they are. Some guys are working their way back by participating in a partial capacity, whether it's Jarvis Jones, DeAngelo Williams, Josh Harris or others. Much of the same in that regard.

Any news on Bruce Gradkowski?
No I don't [have any]. He throw yesterday. It was good work. He is scheduled to throw again tomorrow. We will see what that looks like.

How much confidence has Landry Jones gained over the last couple weeks?
He will be better to answer that then I. His performance has been on a steady incline, and that's what I'm looking for.

How's Ramon Foster?
He's doing fine. We are taking care of a veteran player. Obviously, he's got some bumps and bruises associated with camp but he's a guy that knows how to play. We are giving an opportunity to our young developing guys like Chris Hubbard to get some reps with the varsity squad and that's big for him.

It was a less physical day today, was that mandated?
Yeah, we backed it off again today. I took off the competition period. As we get closer to game time I want to make sure that I put them in position to be at their best physically in the stadium and they understand that. They did a nice job of reflecting those wishes today on how they played. 

The offense went 7-for-7 today in the "Seven Shots" drill during today's practice at Saint Vincent College.

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