Tomlin: 4 things you must know vs. Jaguars

  1. Controlling celebrations: Wide receiver Antonio Brown was hit with a 15-yard penalty against the Buccaneers for unsportsmanlike conduct after celebrating a first quarter touchdown that tied the game at 10-10. Brown did his normal touchdown dance, but the flag was thrown when he laid down on the field afterwards, something he said he didn't know wasn't allowed.

 "We are all responsible for knowledge of the rule," said Coach Mike Tomlin. "I can't comment specifically on what he did or the manner in which he did it, because I didn't see it in the stadium. It didn't turn up on our coach's video. I got an explanation from him but other than that I don't have a lot of detail. The bottom line is scoring has got to become routine for him. He has to hand the ball to the official, come over to the sideline, and get ready to do it again. That is simply what comes with being him."

Tomlin said he won't discourage players from celebrating in the future, but they have to do so within the rules of the game or he might pull the plug on it.

"I am not trying to take the genuine emotions and excitement of the game away from our guys," said Tomlin. "That is not me and that is not the right thing to do. But I will ask them to do it within the guidelines of the rules prescribed. If they can't do that consistently, then yes, that will be the mandate."

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Winging It:** Punter Brad Wing picked a bad time to have his worst punt of the game when he hit just a 29-yarder in the closing minutes against the Buccaneers, giving them great field position at the Steelers 46-yard line for their game-winning touchdown drive. Tomlin was asked what the best way to deal with a player in that type of situation is.

"It's a great opportunity for us to get to know him, and for him to show what he is made of and for us to all acknowledge that," said Tomlin. "We can't wait for him to have an opportunity to go back out and show what he is made of and rebound from that. One thing he has done since we have had him, he has always had the opportunity and shown the capability of rebounding from negative punts. He has had some, whether it's preseason or regular season, and in most instances he has had an opportunity to bounce back in game. Unfortunately that just happened to be the last punt of the game. He has to wear it for a week and he better wear it well. We look forward to him bouncing back."

  1. Making the Call: The Steelers had third-and-five from their own 19-yard line with 1:35 to play against the Buccaneers and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger opted to hand the ball off to Le'Veon Bell rather than throw. Bell was knocked for a two-yard loss, forcing Wing's punt. Tomlin was asked about the call and if Roethlisberger had the option to change it.

"That play is a run-pass option and we had actually gone to that concept several times in the game, really with success, whether we ran it or passed it," said Tomlin. "We had a 19-yarder to Heath (Miller) off that same concept a few series earlier. I think Le'Veon (Bell) reeled off a 16-yard run and a 13-yard run earlier off that same concept. I really felt good about that play and particularly in that circumstance because it was a run-pass option, it gave us an opportunity to be successful regardless of what they did.

"But it all boils down to execution really when you look at it. We didn't execute the play correctly so whether we ran it or passed it, if you don't execute it, you're not going to have an opportunity for success. They executed it in that circumstance and we didn't."

Stepping up: Tomlin was asked to evaluate the play of several players who have had to step in because of injuries, including linebackers Arthur Moats and Sean Spence, and cornerback Brice McCain.

"I thought they were adequate, but I think they all can be better," said Tomlin. "I expect them all to be better. That first significant role change is under their belt now as we move forward into the second week of those opportunities. I'm talking about Brice McCain. I'm talking about Sean Spence and Arthur Moats. All guys were above the line generally in terms of their performance, but I expect those guys to take a significant jump after having to experience what they experienced last weekend."

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