Tomlin: 3 things to know vs. the Rams

  1. Ring the Bell: Le'Veon Bell is back and was immediately plugged into the starting running back spot.

"We get Le'Veon Bell back this week," said Coach Mike Tomlin. "We are excited about that. But we are excited about having both guys.

"I can't say enough about the contributions of DeAngelo Williams. He's been a good asset and acquisition for us. He's working hard to compete and contribute in all areas."

Tomlin said he didn't know yet how the work load would be divided this week between Bell and Williams, but was emphatic about the fact that Bell will be on the field.

"I am going to play Le'Veon Bell," said Tomlin. "If 26 is available to use we are going to use him."* * 2.

Go for 2:* *Tomlin has said multiple times that the offense wouldn't shy away from attempting two-point conversions, and he proved that against San Francisco. On the Steelers first two touchdowns against the 49ers, Tomlin decided to go for two and the team converted on both attempts. Tomlin said he doesn't think of it as being a psychological advantage for the team, but rather the approach he felt comfortable with.

"I really don't think about the psychological element of it," said Tomlin. "I said that we were going to be aggressive in that area if we felt it could help us. We worked it. The guys have shown an aptitude for it. We are going to use it from time to time at our discretion."

  1. G'day mate: Punter Jordan Berry is off to a good start with the Steelers, with his most impressive punt of the young season a 62-yard boomer against the 49ers. While his leg has looked strong, Tomlin knows it's way too soon to evaluate him.

"I am looking at a two-week body of work. I will hold judgment on that," said Tomlin. "I know he has done some nice things for us over the course of the first two weeks. I am interested in getting to know him as the environments change, we kick indoors, and we kick outside as the weather changes. I think we are going to get to know him as we continue through this journey. He has done some good things thus far."

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