Thompson: 'It was rough'

The Steelers are set to embark on training camp at Saint Vincent College, a time some players love, and others dread. But it's a must, and for the Steelers it's something they will be doing for the 51st time at Saint Vincent College.

Several former players shared their take on what training camp was like for them at Saint Vincent College, and for the most part they are happy they don't have to go back. Up until the start of training camp we will be bringing you their fun stories and thoughts. **

Weegie Thompson, WR, 1984-89**

"I think I liked it. I think I complained more than I should have. It was rough. I just had lunch with Greg Lloyd. We were talking about two a days and training camp the way it used to be for us in the 1980s. It's different now than it was then. I don't think it lasts as long. I don't think they practice quite as long. I don't think they are in pads quite as much. It was very rough. It was tiring. It was a lot of soreness, a lot of scrimmaging, a lot of live tackling, but it was where you made the team. I always looked forward to it, but I didn't always enjoy it."

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