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The word from the practice field

Head Coach Mike Tomlin

Opening Statement:Great afternoon of work getting back out here on the field working. [It was] very much in the manner that it was prior to our first game. We worked some situations, third-down, red zone, no-huddle, things of that nature. Good general enthusiasm. We got a lot of guys back, and hopefully that continues. These guys need to state a case for themselves in terms of etching out a role, and participation is a part of that. We've got a few things from an injury standpoint. We've got to get a surgery for Shaun Suisham. That will transpire tomorrow. I'll update his status after the procedure. I think that's appropriate. We've had some other guys in a similar situation. Cameron Stingily is getting his knee operated on tomorrow as well. I'll update you on both of those procedures after they're done. We had some guys work their way back into the mix today. DeAngelo Williams and a couple of the wide receivers, Martavis Bryant and Markus Wheaton worked in a limited capacity. Some of the guys that have been out are back in. Some of the guys that continue to be out are Robert Golden with his knee injury, Dan McCullers with his hamstring injury, and Ross Ventrone. All of these guys are rehabbing in some form or fashion. Hopefully they'll work their way back to us. You can include Vince Williams in there as well. Bruce Gradkowski's throwing the ball some. We'll see how his body responds to the work and proceed from there, accordingly. Some new [injuries] today. [Jordan] Zumwalt has a groin injury. I don't know the status of that, we'll take a look at him. More than anything, we'll continue to push forward. We're excited about our next opportunity this week on the road in Jacksonville.

What do you like about your new kicker? What does Garrett [Hartley] bring to the table?
He's an established guy. He's a been-there, done-that guy. He did a nice job today. We'll get to know him along the way.

Did his ability to kick in cold weather factor in to the decision?
We went based on performance today. All of those guys are professional kickers with professional resumes. I'd imagine over the course of their careers, they've kicked in a variety of circumstances. He went to school at Oklahoma. It's not an issue for us at this juncture.

The enthusiasm that you referenced, is that because you got some of your veterans back?
Hopefully it's just the opportunity to get better associated with where we are right now. But I might be naïve. I know when you get 92 [James Harrison] back in the uniform that changes the climate a little bit. I think it did today.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison returns to practice at Saint Vincent College.

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