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The Steeline is making noise at training camp


By Michael Kelley

You can probably hear them above the sound of your car radio as you pull into Saint Vincent College for training camp or at Heinz Field as you arrive for Steelers home games. They are there beating their drums loudly, while showing their hometown pride chanting 'Here We Go Steelers.'

It's the Pittsburgh Steeline, the official drumline of the Steelers.

The Steeline, founded as an independent organization in 2012, partnered with the Steelers to make their debut at the start of the 2013 season. They now go hand-in-hand with the culture embodying Steelers home games and other events.

"It takes everything I love in life – friends, drumline, Pittsburgh, Steelers – and puts all of those things in one package," said Dustin Lowes, the creative director for the Steeline. "It's just a tremendous experience to enjoy that and do this for the Steelers and the fans."

The Steeline originally received inspiration from other professional sports drumlines and began performing in the tailgate area at Heinz Field in 2012.

Now, the group boasts 25 members from various professions, each sharing the same love for drumline – and for the Steelers.

"As drumline drummers, opportunities to perform for people are few and far between, especially in situations where people appreciate it," said operations director Vince Wallace. "We are tangible ambassadors of the team and it's great to hear that connection be made."

The Steeline has performed at training camp twice already and will again be banging their drums when the Buffalo Bills visit Saint Vincent College for a combined night practice on Aug. 14. 

Take a look at photos of the Pittsburgh Steeler's seventh day of Training Camp.

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