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The evolution of Martavis Bryant

LATROBE, Pa. - Martavis Bryant caught eight touchdown passes in 10 regular-season games as a rookie just by running the plays in games that had worked in practice.

The idea for Bryant this season is to run the plays that are in the playbook.

"They would put some things in they would want me to do in the games and we would go out and execute them in practice and if they worked in practice we would put it into the game (plan)," Bryant said. "This year they have the whole playbook open."

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has noticed the difference.

"He's put the work in," Roethlisberger observed. "He looks good. He's picking everything up. Last year we just kind of put him in there and gave him a couple of things to do, which he did really well. Now, we're asking him to do more. We're asking him to move around a little bit, front side, back side, and to know things better. I'm going to count on him in the no-huddle (offense).

"Last year he'd ask everyone what to do. Now we feel more comfortable with him knowing what to do. Hopefully he'll be able to translate that into playing faster."

Bryant also caught a touchdown pass in the Steelers' playoff loss to Baltimore.

He offered no projections for the season ahead other than anticipation of being a productive part of the Steelers' offense.

"I will say through my hard work and how I prepare I will say I will have a good year this year," Bryant said.

The Pittsburgh Steelers participated in their second practice in front of fans at Saint Vincent College. This is the final practice before pads go on.

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